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The right packaging can make the gift. The lovely designs and quality materials of these bags, boxes, and tissue paper show your style and attention to detail and make receiving a gift from you a luxurious experience. Make a memorable impression with everyone on your gift list.

A Variety of Themes and Designs
Understated and elegant or light-hearted and fun, gift bags, gift boxes, tissue paper can be found to create the perfect theme for your gift. Designed in London, Paperchase products lend your gift a refined, cultured look that shows you at your thoughtful best. Choose from a variety of themes and patterns to match any occasion, from holidays and birthdays to weddings and showers.

Choices to Make Gift Wrapping Easy
Gift bags and boxes are available in several sizes so that your presentation looks just right. Add a handwritten personal note on tasteful stationery letterhead to lend each gift an individual touch. Matching tissue paper in all patterns provides a just-right finish so that your attention to detail is evident within the bag or box. Bracelet boxes and mini jewelry boxes present the same stylish treatment in the perfect size for those treasures that come in small packages.

Subtle Features Add Luxury
Appreciate the attention to detail in these English designs just as your gift recipients do. Finishing touches, such as textured ribbon or cord handles, in complementary colors and the substantial board construction of these boxes guarantee that the closer you look, the more you appreciate these exceptional and beautiful wrapping materials.

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