When it comes to deciding what type of office supplies to order, it's important to keep in mind that making lists, doing homework, filling out forms and many other duties can be performed with the perfect pencil.

Staples gives consumers a variety of writing utensils to choose from, including mechanical pencils. Artists find the best coloring pencils manufactured by some of the most trusted brands at Staples. Add accessories like erasers, refillable lead cartridges and drawing supplies to office equipment lists for a complete set of writing tools.

Opt for Useful Features

Staples offers a large selection of writing supplies for sale, including liquid, mechanical and wooden types. Wooden pencils are an ideal accessory for children learning how to print, as they offer a stable grip surface, they are easy to use and they offer the child maximum control while writing. Brands available at Staples include BIC, Dixon and Pentel. Some varieties come pre sharpened and sport different levels of lead hardness. Select a pencil based upon the type of writing it will be used for. Some mechanical pencils are excellent for graphing, drawing fine lines and printing because of their sharp lead sizes. Users can achieve this same result when keeping their wooden writing utensil consistently sharpened. Also, choose from a variety of colors like basic black, blue and red. Enjoy a range of features such as finger grips, hexagon barrel designs, multiple lead sizes and refillable lead barrels. Staples provides a large selection of colorful writing and drawing tools that help any artist, whether beginner or advanced, create professional-quality sketches for development or display.

Sharpen in Style

The best coloring pencils are worthy of a sharpener to keep them on point and ready for drawing. In order to produce neat and legible writing, your pencil should remain sharp. Staples offers an array of handheld, stationary and electric sharpeners for use in office, home and school settings. On the other hand, opting for a mechanical pencil is convenient, as it never requires sharpening and only needs lead refills. Enjoy the freedom of using this traditional writing utensil multiple times. Feel free to switch out the eraser and replace it with a fresh one when it becomes worn. Staples sells erasers and erasing accessories in bulk quantities.

Tackle Mistakes Quickly

Whether you are looking for traditional pencils for sale or something a bit more advanced, most types Staples has to offer come equipped with an eraser. Should mistakes occur while doing homework, balancing a checkbook or handwriting a formal letter, simply flip the wooden or mechanical pencil upside-down and erase error. Find pencils for writers' workshops, business offices or schools when shopping at Staples. Utilize mechanical pencils for sharp, concise writing that flows smoothly as the device moves across the paper. With the best coloring pencils, you will be left with crisp, attractive drawings.


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Pencils are part of a complete selection of school supplies available on Staples' back to school center.

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