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With the vast array of styles available, it's simple to find the right pens for any task. Choose the most fitting ink-dispensing method from among many options, including ballpoint, fountain, roller ball and felt tip. To ensure your pen always has ink, choose one with an ink level view or refill capabilities. Features such as rubber grips and ergonomic shapes make long writing tasks more comfortable.

Choose the Smooth Flow of Fountain and Ballpoint Pens
Fountain pens were more common in the early 20th century but are still appreciated by writers who prefer the smooth, expressive writing that flowing ink allows. The thickness of the ink flow is determined by the size of the nibs, which can be purchased separately. Some fountain pens offer refillable reservoirs or ink cartridges. Ballpoint pens, which dispense ink through a small ball, are far more common today and are reliable and fast drying. Roller ball pens offer the convenience of a ballpoint pen with the smooth feel of a fountain pen. Gel pens are types of roller ball pens that are available in a broad range of colors and styles, including metallic, neon, pastel and glitter.

Opt for Bold Felt-Tip Pens
A felt-tip pen, also known as a marker, is composed of a fiber tip, which makes it useful for writing on surfaces such as boxes and whiteboards as well as for coloring and drawing pictures. Colorful felt pens are often designed for specific purposes. Fine red markers are useful for making corrections and edits. Neon-colored transparent ink highlighters allow the user to highlight text. Thick permanent markers are ideal for making large signs or labeling moving boxes.

The Right Tip to Fit Your Task
Writing tasks can vary from small print text to large signage. Fine-tip points ensure precision and clear, readable print, so they're ideal for writing notes, memos and checks. Opt for a broad tip for bolder lines. Staples offers pen point sizes ranging from 0.3 mm to 1.6 mm.

Security Ink and Leak-Free DesignsOffer Peace of Mind
Taking a pen on a plane could leave a messy surprise when you open your bag at the end of a flight. Airplane-safe pens are engineered to prevent leaks when pressure changes. For a sense of security, choose a pen with ink that bonds with the paper, protecting you from document and check fraud. Acid-free ink will ensure that the ink does not discolor with time, making it ideal for archival work. Fade and water-resistant ink will last despite weather and exposure.

Choose Additional Features for Comfort and Convenience
When you're writing for hours on end, the shape of the pen grip can make a world of difference. Opt for a rubberized, hourglass or ergonomic handle for control and comfort. Retractable pens make it easy to prevent your pen from drying out when you take a break from writing. Opt for an erasable pen so you don't have to create a mess by crossing out your mistakes. Stock your whole office with a variety of multipacks to ensure you're always ready to write.

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