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Inform your patrons that their table is ready with these restaurant pagers and communication tools. These handy coaster-style guest pagers enable you to keep in constant contact with your guests as they wait inside or outside your establishment.

Audible, Touch, or Visual Alerts
Help your customers know when to come back to the hostess station either audibly or visually with these restaurant pagers and communication devices. Some styles feature bright blinking lights and a vibration designed to capture the attention of your diners. Others include a voice alert or audible tone. The range of these devices starts at only a few feet, but it can go up to as high as 500 meters.

Customize Your Pager
Several of these restaurant pagers and communication devices offer the ability to customize them to your liking. Many allow you to add a personalized tone via computer software that will play when the patron is paged. Others allow you to add a customized advertisement insert into the pager to help give it a branded look.

Available in Sets
These restaurant pagers and communication devices are available in sets of multiples to help you find the right quantity for your establishment. Purchase as few as 10 or as many as a 100 depending on the unique needs of your business or establishment. Extra transmitting boxes and accessories are also available to help you build your paging system and complement your existing point-of-sale system. They are a great choice anywhere staying in contact with customers in your waiting area is crucial.

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