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Secure digital extended capacity memory cards offer the most robust data capacity of all SD card types. Useful in portable devices such as cameras, camcorders and smartphones, SD cards are the ultimate tool when it comes to storing large amounts of data in a small space. If you're a professional photographer or videographer, make sure the card can accommodate your work needs and withstand potential damage.

Which SD Card Is Right for You?
The original SD cards were introduced in 1999 and held up to 2GB of data. They were followed by the introduction of the SDHC card, which topped out at 32GB capacity. The SDXC card, introduced in 2009, can handle up to 2TB of data, though this is not supported by all cards. When selecting an SD card, first consider the type of card your device supports. This factor takes precedence over speed and storage capacity because SDXC cards are only compatible with SDXC devices and are not backward compatible.

Choose an SDXC Card with an Appropriate Memory Class
Each SDXC memory card has a speed class that determines the pace of its read/write capabilities. For standard photos, the class of the card doesn't matter much, but for certain applications, such as rapid sequence photos or HD videos, the memory class does make a difference. Class 10 is the fastest class and ensures speeds of 10MB per second, supporting photo bursts and video files up to 1080p. This is a fitting choice for HD camcorders, high-megapixel cameras and top-notch digital single-lens reflex (DSRL) cameras. Other options include Class 2 or Class 4 devices, which are capable of speeds of 2MB and 4MB per second,

How Much Storage Do You Need?
Staples offers SDXC memory cards in three different capacities: 64GB, 128GB and 256GB. Choosing between these options depends largely on the type of files you will be storing. If you're using a 12-megapixel point-and-shoot camera, you can store as many as 16,000 images on a 64GB card. But if you are using a DSLR and storing raw files as well as JPEGs, 64GB may only accommodate about 1,000 images.

Increase Your Phone's Storage Capacity
Many smartphone users feel that they can never have too much data storage. MicroSD cards help users expand the storage limits of their phone so they can download and store as many photos, videos, songs and other files as they would like. However, before you choose a microSDXC, make sure it's within the storage capacity limits of what your particular phone allows. Some phone card slots are limited to 200GB, while others allow for as much as 2TB.

Choose a Durable Option
If you're concerned about potential damage to your SDXC memory card, choose a design that is waterproof, temperature proof and magnet/X-ray proof. Some cards are designed to withstand high physical pressure and bumps. Professional photographers and videographers may be especially inclined to choose a card with these features in order to protect their valuable work while they are on the go.
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