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Wearing safety vests and high visibility clothing ensures that you're easy to spot on a busy job site or in dim working conditions. Bright colors and reflective strips catch the light so you're noticed. Rely on safety clothing made by reputable manufacturers for comfort and visibility.

Enhanced Visibility
Bright fluorescent shades of orange and yellow attract attention and keep drivers, heavy-machinery operators, and industrial tool users aware of your presence on the job site. Reflective materials embedded in safety vests and high visibility clothing shine when light flashes on them, increasing safety at night. Durable, flexible materials keep you comfortable, so you can concentrate on the job instead of what you're wearing.

Environmental Protection
Safety vests and high visibility clothing designed for outdoor use have features specifically designed to protect you from the elements. High visibility rain pants and raincoats protect you from damp conditions, while ranger hats keep bright sun off your face, and thermal clothing protects you from extreme cold. Fire-retardant jackets, pants, and shirts add an extra level of protection for workers who deal with open flame.

Convenient Customization
Economical vests and shirts from well-known manufacturers such as Ergodyne, PIP, and Mutual Industries make it easy to add much-needed visibility to a basic uniform, and convenient sizing lets you provide basic gear to everyone at a job site. Customize safety gear by adding reflective arm bands, removable reflective strips, and LED hats to your collection of safety vests and high visibility clothing. Add high visibility accessories to your company-issued coveralls and overalls to keep every employee compliant with safety regulations.

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