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Seagate External Hard Drives

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Keep important documents, assignments and business data safe and secure with Seagate external hard drives. These lightweight and durable devices make it easy to store system backups, photos, and project files, allowing users to take their files anywhere they go. Staples® carries a wide selection of external drives from Seagate, suiting the needs of everyday users, students, and business professionals.

Portable Storage for Your Home, Office, and On the Go
Seagate manufactures storage devices to suit every need, whether you're looking for a temporary storage solution or require extra space for large documents. External drives feature a slim profile, saving users valuable desktop space. These pocket-sized devices also fit easily into backpacks, briefcases, and carry-on bags, making them a popular choice for travelers and students.

Most external drives connect via USB, ensuring hassle-free plug-and-play convenience and rapid data transfer speeds that let users quickly back up and access media files, spreadsheets, and scanned documents. Select models feature rugged construction that can withstand hard falls, dust, and moisture exposure, and some include built-in password protection and data encryption for added security.

Compatible With a Variety of Operating Systems and Devices
Choose from a range of external drive sizes starting from 500GB up to 8TB models and higher. Drag-and-drop simplicity lets users control where files are stored or backups and transfers can be scheduled and automated via Seagate's Dashboard software, saving office staff valuable time and effort.

Seagate's 2TB external hard drives are a good starting point, offering users ample space for large image files, slideshow presentations, and videos. As business needs grow, users can upgrade to high capacity drives that hold comprehensive system backups and years' worth of archived files while freeing up internal computer storage.

Seagate's Backup Plus Hub Drives Store Data and Recharge Devices at the Same Time
Enjoy all-in-one backup and device recharging convenience with Seagate's Backup Plus Hub drives. These drives let users connect and recharge mobile devices and cameras via USB, even when systems are powered down or in standby mode. While connected, users can sync files to cloud storage, share images to social media or stream movies and music stored on the device.

Do Seagate Backup Plus Drives Need to Be Formatted Before Use?
Most drives come formatted and ready to use out of the box with both PCs and Macs. Before attempting a backup, users should check to ensure their computers and operating systems have properly detected the device, as system driver updates may be required.

Can Seagate External Hard Drives Be Used for Phone Backups?
Wireless Plus mobile storage devices let users make on-the-go backups of videos and pictures, even without a computer. This option is ideal for travelers who need to quickly free up storage space on their mobile devices. Simply download the free Seagate Media app for the iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire, and tablet devices, then connect wirelessly to the external drive to start a backup.

Do Seagate External Hard Drives Work With Gaming Consoles?
Many of Seagate's external drives work with a variety of gaming consoles, allowing users to store save game data and downloaded games directly to the device. Drives can also be used to save and view video footage, music, and images captured during game play. To ensure system compatibility, users may want to review game console manuals and manufacturer's websites for specific instructions.
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