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Annin & Company U.S. Classroom Flag Wall Bracket, Black
Item #876857
Model #ANN642605
  • Steel, black enamel finish
  • Grades: All
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Wall brackets and dispensers keep liquid soaps, hand sanitizers, and skincare products within easy reach. Liquid dispensers from Epi-Clenz and Medline deliver just the right amount of product every time. Mount a dispenser system directly to the wall to save counter space.

Convenient Mounting
Simple screws and anchors make it easy to attach wall brackets and dispensers to any interior wall, so you can put them in bathrooms, medical offices, patient rooms, and areas of your health care facility that experience heavy foot traffic. High-capacity dispensers don't need frequent refills, so you can rest assured that patients and staff have access to the solution whenever they need it.

Easy Access
A simple lever press or button push releases the solution in controlled doses from your dispenser, making it easy to clean, sanitize, or soothe your skin when you're in a hurry. Latex-free wall brackets and dispensers ensure that even those with a latex allergy can safely dispense liquids and maintain adequate hygiene in your facility. Along with exam gloves and proper sanitary protocols, liquid soaps and sanitizers help you prevent the spread of germs throughout your facility.

Versatile Use
Wall brackets and dispensers hold a wide range of solutions, so you can set up multiple units containing different liquids and free up plenty of counter space. Cartridges designed to fit into specific units make refilling your dispenser quick and easy, minimizing downtime and ensuring that you always know which solution is in which dispenser. Drip trays keep soap, sanitizing solutions, lotions, and creams from dripping onto your counter or floor, simplifying cleanup.