Sheaffer 56307-PK4 Calligraphy Ink Cartridges, Red, 4/Pack

Item #: 1722390 | Model #: 56307-PK4

About this product

Improved design for easy color identification and portability.

Sheaffer's Fountain Pen Classic Ink Cartridges feature an upgraded cartridge with color matching end cap for easy ink color selection while still maintaining ink level visibility. The new design also allows artists to transport cartridges even on a plane without the worry of leaking. The improved cartridge may only be pierced on one end and un-pierced colors may be carried in the fountain pen chamber. Classic Ink Cartridges are compatible with White Dot Classic, Cartridge, and Calligraphy Pens and are the refills for the Sheaffer Calligraphy Classic Kit. Sold as 4 PACKS of 5 cartridges for a TOTAL of 20 red cartridges. Refills only, pens are sold separately.

  • Refill cartridges for fountain pens, specifically the Sheaffer's Calligraphy Classic Kit
  • Easily identifiable color cartridges
  • Transparent design for convenient view of ink level
  • Leak resistant and travel friendly
  • Only pierces on one end for storage in pen barrel
  • Color: Red
  • 5 refills per unit, 4 units per pack for a total of 20 refills