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Sling Media Streaming Media Players

Keep up with your local sports team even when you're on the road by streaming their games over Slingbox®. This TV streaming device captures local video broadcasts, encodes them, and then pushes them to remote viewing devices over the internet. With it, you do not need another cable or satellite subscription to enjoy local broadcasts even when you are away from home. You can find many different set-top boxes and portable entertainment solutions at Staples®.

Watch Your Favorite Shows Anywhere With the Right Slingbox
All Sling media streamers use placeshifting technology. This allows them to stream live TV signals over broadband internet from one location to another. The set-top boxes can also stream recorded shows. In addition to cable boxes, satellite receivers, and DVRs, these placeshifters can connect to DVD and Blu-ray® players as well as video security cameras. They receive and broadcast high-definition videos at 1080p resolution.

Sling boxes are not only useful when you are away from home. They also let you share what's on your TV screen with another television set in your home. This local screen sharing feature comes via support for popular portable media streamers like the Apple TV®, Roku®, Chromecast®, and Amazon Fire TV®. There are many models of this TV streaming device available and some include Wi-Fi® capability.

Expand Your Viewing Options With Slingbox
The flagship model in this product family features a unique design, packs more features and supports a wider range of devices. While other models can only connect to HDTVs via composite and component ports, this media streamer can also do so via an HDMI® port. This means that it can transmit digital video and audio signals in addition to analog ones. It also captures and streams 1080p videos at 60 frames per second compared to the 1080i signal broadcast by other models at the same frame rate. Since it has both composite and HDMI ports, you can connect this device to two audio and video sources at the same time. Other premium features exclusive to the model include access to Blockbuster On-Demand movies, built-in YouTube™ app, and an intuitive user interface that makes it easier to find TV programs.

Which Devices Can Remotely Connect to a Slingbox?
You can watch streamed live TV on mobile devices and computers. To use the service on these viewing devices, you need Slingplayer®. This is a multiplatform app for remotely accessing video streams from Sling media streamers. The brand makes different Slingplayer apps for smartphones and tablets to optimize viewing for different screen sizes. The app is also available for popular media streaming sticks and boxes.

What Operating Systems Do Slingboxes Support?
They support Windows® and Mac® desktop operating systems. Mobile operating system support includes Android™, iOS®, Fire OS, and Windows Phone®.

Can You Stream Live TV From a Slingbox With a Browser?
Yes, but only for the Slingbox 500. This model supports both the Slingplayer app and Slingplayer plug-ins for web browsers. Plug-ins are available for the following browsers: Chrome™, Safari®, Firefox®, Edge®, and Internet Explorer®.
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Slingbox 500
Item : 106161
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  • SlingTV
  • Compatible with: AT&T U-verse, bright house networks, cablevision systems, charter communications, Comcast Xfinity
  • Dimensions: 16.38" x 3.13"
319.99 $319.99
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