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Staples Card Readers & Adapters

Staples® card readers let you save and manage memory card data anywhere you go. The ideal travel companion, card readers make it easy to quickly backup and transfer vacation photos and videos or stream music files directly from multimedia cards. You'll find a wide selection of memory card readers available from Staples to suit everyday purposes, educational needs, and professional projects.

Staples Card Readers for Home, School, and Business Purposes
Memory card readers allow for flexible file management while you're traveling, working, and learning. All-in-one devices feature a compact design, making them perfectly sized for backpacks, carry-on bags, and briefcases. Compatible with a wide range of electronic devices, card readers help eliminate the need for multiple cables, power adapters, and bulky equipment. Many readers come with extension cables so users can work with files from a nearby computer or from clear across the room.

Staples Card Readers Support a Range of Memory Card Formats
Staples memory card readers are compatible with several types of memory cards, including xD picture cards, standard format SD cards, miniSD and microSD cards, CompactFlash, and TransFlash cards. Basic models cover popular mobile device formats, while all-in-one readers cover a broader range of digital cameras, tablets, gaming devices, and media players. Some readers also feature rewritable functionality so users can transfer and save files between devices, making them perfect for collaborating on group projects, distributing reports, and sharing presentations.

Staples Card Readers Powered by Speedy USB Technology
Every card reader runs on high-speed USB technology, ensuring smooth and secure data transfers. Plug-and-play connectivity means users can immediately plug in devices without needing to restart a computer. Card readers work with small documents and sizable media files, including high-resolution videos and photos. Creative professionals find card readers handy for working out in the field, as they can access stored data from a computer while preserving valuable camera battery life. Select card reader models even offer convenient built-in file transfer buttons, allowing users to print, mail, and display documents with one-touch simplicity.

Which Operating Systems Work With Staples-Branded Card Readers?
Most Staples memory card readers work with multiple versions of Windows® and macOS® operating systems. Select readers are designed primarily for Windows-based PCs, so users should check product information and documentation to ensure compatibility with other systems.

Do Staples Card Readers Require Any Special Software?
Card readers with built-in file transfer buttons may require a software installation, although most readers work without any special software or driver updates. Several memory card manufacturers also offer free software designed to simplify file transfers, although these are completely optional.

How Do You Access Memory Card Data From Staples Card Readers?
Depending on the operating system being used, memory card data can be found through built-in file management applications such as Windows Explorer or Apple's Finder® tool. Newer operating systems may display a prompt after cards are inserted, letting users decide how to handle the stored data, and some also display thumbnail previews of images and videos, making it easy to find the exact files you're looking for.
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Staples 17-in-1 memory card reader/writer
Item : 750101 / Model : 16774
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  • 17-in-1 multicard reader
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Staples brand, limited 1-year warranty
38.99 $38.99
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Staples 6-in-1 Mini Card Reader/Writer (16772)
Item : 750089 / Model : 16772
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  • Staples 6 in 1 mini card reader/writer
  • Includes USB 2.0 reader, and 6.5in. USB extension cable
  • Light and portable
4.99 $4.99
Staples® 16771 5-in-1 mini card reader/writer
Item : 750080 / Model : 16771
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  • 5-in-1 mini card reader and writer
  • Transfer button feature lets you transfer, print, email and more with the touch of a button
  • Staples brand limited 1 year warranty
25.99 $25.99