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Stylus & Smart Pens

Take care of lists, office paperwork, or school assignments with these nifty stylus pens. Pens with double barrels enable writing on tablets and on paper to add some convenience. Brand options for these pens include Monteverde, Targus, and Wacom. Stylus pen technology doesn't require electrical power or software, so pens are ready for use. Search Staples to find a versatile collection of long-lasting stylus pens and other writing supplies and instruments. 

Features of stylus pens
Soft rubber tips ensure precise navigation while you write on a screen. Enjoy the slim pen design, which is ideal for use with compact smartphones and tablets. Multipacks with assorted pen colors are available to accommodate frequent pen users. Most pens come with clips, which make it easy to attach them to a shirt for quick access later on. Pen point sizes range from 0.3 mm to 1.2 mm, so users can complete various projects such as catchy marketing designs, graph calculations, or works of art. A standard pen stylus weighs only 0.05 pounds, which makes it a convenient writing tool for complex writing sessions. The felt pen-type makes it easy to produce bold and expressive lines, which won't fade away with time. 

Versatile pen mechanisms and visual details
Choose from standard and retractable pen designs. Retractable pens are fitting for busy employees and students who need to save time during work. Pen bodies include appropriate colors, which makes it easy to color-code pens in the office so that you know which one to grab. Ballpoint pens with the stylus function are available to satisfy demanding writers. Other pen mechanisms include the felt, fountain, and rollerball pens. Long-lasting ink in hybrid pens won't dry out due to the secure and airtight ink container. 

Are there multiple uses for stylus pens?
Besides writing or drawing, stylus-type pens are ideal for browsing through e-book pages, websites, or pictures in your smartphone or tablet folders. These pens are common in the banking industry for quick electronic signatures. High-end models include a laser with batteries, which is ideal for PowerPoint presentations.

What are some benefits of stylus pens?
By using these multifunctional writing tools, users can prevent smudges and marks on computer screens. Use stylus pens to keep monitors free from grease and fingerprints. Ergonomic pen designs minimize wrist strain, which is practical for late-night scribbling. These pens are compatible with various electronic devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones. Some stylus pens are refillable, making them ideal for frequent workplace use so that employees don't have to reorder new pens. Data entry employees can use stylus pens to improve typing accuracy. Multiple stylus pens feature a small hole on the back, so it's easy to install a tether in them. This ensures simple pen attachment to a monitor for quick access.  

What are a few material options for stylus pens?
Heavy-duty metal pen stylus construction in select models ensures long-term use, and it makes them more rigid. The conductive rubber material is compatible with all types of touch screen surfaces. Minimalist brass pens are another option, offering durability and a balanced feel.
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Office supplies like Stylus & Smart Pens shouldn't be a challenge to purchase. To help, we've sorted through our Stylus & Smart Pen product reviews (over 7,363 of them!) to list only our top rated Stylus & Smart Pens. You can choose from top Stylus & Smart Pen brands like Microsoft, Samsung, and Targus. With our list of prices starting at $3.29 for our Stylus & Smart Pens, you won't break your budget in the meantime.

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Price is often going to be the deciding factor when buying office supplies like Stylus & Smart Pens. And with some of the best Stylus & Smart Pen prices starting at $3.29, you will both save money and find the right Stylus & Smart Pen for school, business, or any other purpose. Shop nearly 96 discount Stylus & Smart Pens from brands like Microsoft and Samsung. The full list of our least expensive Stylus & Smart Pens is below:

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When it comes to the world of Stylus & Smart Pens, Staples is the only place you need to shop thanks to the 30 best brands of Stylus & Smart Pens it carries. How do we know these Stylus & Smart Pen brands are the best? We asked our customers, and they helped us put together a list of the highest rated Stylus & Smart Pen brands using their over 7363 product reviews. Below you'll find the best brands of Stylus & Smart Pens for school, business, practically anything: