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TDK Blank Media

Easily transfer video from a failing VHS tape to a reliable TDK® cassette. You can save cherished memories captured on film by copying them from old video cassettes onto new tapes. TDK is a leading brand of audio and video cassettes including the ones used in consumer and professional camcorders. Staples® carries a good selection of digital and analog recording media from different brands.

Choose the Right TDK Cassette for Your Recording
The first consumer camcorders used VHS tapes for recording videos. These full-sized cassettes house reusable tapes capable of holding long hours of video and audio. TDK's blank VHS tapes can record up to 8 hours and store multiple video clips. You can also erase their contents and record again on them. If your analog camcorder is a small compact model, you need smaller VHS-C cassettes. These use the same recording technology and magnetic tape as a full-size VHS cassette. To use one on a VHS tape recorder or player, you need an adapter that makes up for its smaller casing. There is a less common variant known as S-VHS-C. It offers higher quality video recordings closer to the ones captured with digital DV tapes.

Shoot Home Videos With TDK Mini DV Cassettes
While the VHS cassette is now a legacy video media format, you can still find consumer camcorders that use mini DV tapes. These are smaller than DV cassettes and provide an hour of recording. Their small size makes it possible for manufacturers to produce lighter, more compact camcorders. They capture videos with better resolutions than analog tapes and can record in DV, DVCAM, and HDV formats. You can easily edit and add effects to videos captured with this media. You can also digitize your analog tapes onto mini DV cassettes. TDK mini DV tapes are compatible with all DVC camcorders.

What Is the Difference Between Mini DV and Digital8?
Both are digital video formats with the same picture quality. While they are related formats, mini DV and digital8 require different camcorders. Digital8 tapes and camcorders are not as common as mini DV equipment.

Can You Erase and Reuse a TDK Mini DV Cassette?
Yes. While reusable, erasing and recording on a mini DV cassette over and over again can make it less reliable. You should get new tapes rather than reuse recorded mini DV tapes.

Can You Mix Mini DV Cassettes From Different Brands?
Yes. TDK mini DV cassettes use dry lubricants. Also known as Metal Particle or MP lubricant, the brand shares this feature with mini DV tapes from Panasonic, Canon, and some other camcorder and DV cassette brands. In contrast, Sony® uses wet or Metal Evaporated (ME) lubricant for its DV tapes and camcorders. There are concerns that using cassettes from different manufacturers increases tape wear and reduces recording performance due to incompatibility between the two lubrication systems. While there is no evidence to support these concerns, it is best to stick with one brand, clean video heads regularly, and run cleaning cassettes before switching to a different brand of tape.
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TDK 48989 800GB Native/1.6TB Compressed LTO4 Ultrium 4 Data Cartridge
Item : IM18N4541 / Model : 48989
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  • Data cartridge
  • Storage capacity: 800GB (native), 1.6TB (compressed)
  • Sold individually
58.99 $58.99
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TDK 77000010773 Mini DV Cassette
Item : 758739 / Model : 77000010773
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  • 2 cassettes per pack
  • 60/90 minute length
  • Superior grade
10.39 $10.39
TDK 38240 VHS Video Cassette
Item : 755205 / Model : 38240
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  • Reusable video cassette for excellent sound and picture quality
  • Maximum recording time of 8 hours allows you to store multiple videos and audios
  • Data can be easily recorded or erased repeatedly
26.59 $26.59