Tea Accessories

Whether you run a neighborhood teahouse or a fine-dining establishment, add polish and grace to your tea service with finely crafted service sets, pots, creamers, and tea bag chests. Choose finely detailed silver-plated sets to impress your guests. Ceramic pots are ideal for casual settings.

Uniform Styles
Finely detailed silver-plated sets that include a sugar container, creamer, and tea bag holder add flair and an uniform look to your tea service. Individual stainless steel pots are ideal for more contemporary decors and excellent for busy restaurants. Ceramic pots and creamers make a fine choice for the less formal atmosphere of a neighborhood teahouse. Use the pots for elegant coffee service as well.

Efficient Service
Using finely crafted tea service trays adds a graceful touch that your guests will remember. The trays also make it easy for your staff to quickly and efficiently bring a full tea service to a table during busy times. Match your trays with the extensive selection of pots to add your own individual touch.

Added Elegance and Variety
Present tea options to your guests in your restaurant, teahouse, or home in a handsome tea chest to allow them to choose their favorite tea or try something new. Keep more than one chest to separate your tea bags into types, categories, or quality. Stock your tea chest with tea selections and that include green teas, herbal teas, and other perennial favorites such as Earl Grey and English Breakfast.

Your guests know you are serious about your tea service when you match pots and trays with creamers, teapots, and other accessories such as cups and saucers. Use them for individual tea services or set them out for an elegant buffet service.