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Upgrade your dinner service with these stunning flatware options. Each one is sturdy and durable, making it ideal for restaurant use. Select from a range of trusted brands such as Update International, Thunder Group, and Oneida.

Heavy-Duty Construction
Each of these flatware items is manufactured to the highest quality standards. Many are crafted from food-grade stainless steel, so they retain their shape and finish after numerous dinners and trips through the dishwasher. The durable materials provide a pleasant weight in diners' hands, giving an instant impression of quality. Whether you run a full-service restaurant or cater occasional events, these utensils are strong enough for the job.

Sleek Designs
Complement your table settings with elegant and sophisticated designs. For a versatile addition to your collection, choose utensils with a simple, streamlined handle and a classic shape. Intricate handle carvings reinforce a traditional table setting, while angular modern designs create a bold look. Select a design that coordinates with your glassware for a cohesive tablescape.

Convenient Supply
Stock your kitchen in small increments with 12-piece boxes of flatware. Most packs include one type of utensil, so you can add to your collection as necessary. For larger restaurant operations, choose cases with 24 or more items. If you're serving an outdoor event, opt for 1,000-packs of durable polypropylene utensils.

Wide Selection
From fine-dining exclusives to standard dinnerware items, find the perfect utensil for your business. Set a formal table with demitasse spoons and oyster forks or stock up on basic dinner knives and soup spoons. Stock your bar area with iced tea spoons, which are designed to reach into deep drink glasses for spill-free stirring.

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Add to cart Update International Windsor WH-51 Chrome Teaspoons, 12/Pack
Add to cart Walco Stainless Windsor Salad Fork, Stainless Steel (7206)
Add to cart Update International Windsor WH-55 Chrome Dinner Forks, 12/Pack
Add to cart Walco Stainless Barclay Dinner Fork, 24/Pack (1105)
Add to cart Winco Continental Dinner Fork, 18/0 Stainless Steel (0021-05)
Add to cart Update International Dominion DH-45 Chrome Dinner Forks, 12/Pack
Add to cart Gibson Home 93592150M New Wilmington 80053-24 Stainless Steel Flatware Set
Add to cart Walco Stainless Windsor Teaspoon, Stainless Steel (7201)
Add to cart Gibson Home 45 Piece Flatware Set 93597813M
Add to cart Walco Stainless Windsor Demitasse Spoon, Stainless Steel (7229)