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Temperature indicators are indispensable tools to help you keep your welding and heat treatment projects on track. The sticks come in a wide range of temperature points, so you can keep a selection on hand to use with a variety of projects. The results are guaranteed accurate at plus or minus 1 percent of the indicated temperature, ensuring that your metalworking project comes out right.

Easy to Use
Temperature indicators are incredibly easy to use. Simply pick the indicator stick with the temperature point you need to achieve and mark the heated surface. When the mark melts, you'll know the surface temperature has reached the desired level.

Convenient Control
With slip-resistant metal exteriors, temperature indicators are easy to hold and control in your hand while you're working around hot surfaces. Invest in a pair of welding gloves to protect your hands in a way that won't affect your ability to control the temperature stick.

Portable Information
Temperature indicators resemble pens, so you can easily carry one with you in your pocket or bag. You can even carry more than one if you're working with multiple heated surfaces.

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