Tower Computer Cases

Building your own computers gives you supreme flexibility, and you can personalize each computer to meet specific needs. Use these tower computer cases as a base to install your internal components, and find a design or style that fits your personality.

Mini Towers
Mini tower computer cases are useful for small businesses that do not have a lot of spare room for large computers. These towers are compact enough to sit on or under desks without sacrificing a lot of space, so you can use the extra space for other materials in small offices.

Larger Towers
Larger tower computer cases provide more room for motherboards and accessories. These cases also have more room for extra fans, which are necessary for computers that run high-powered processors and video cards that can easily overheat in smaller cases. Mid, full, and larger towers can also accommodate more expansion later.

Varied Case Features
Each case has multiple features that may appeal to different people. More internal bays allow you to keep multiple hard drives in a single computer for more storage, while more expansion slots and bays allow you to install more video cards and internal accessories. Most cases also include USB and other ports to accept external components.

Multiple Designs
Computer cases vary in design, from basic solid colors to extravagantly colored ones with clear sides that offer a look at the internal components. Use these unique cases to add some personality and fun to your work space, or use many of the same for a uniform, highly professional look.