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Transcend External Hard Drives

Backing up computer data is important for businesses and individuals alike. With Transcend® external hard drives, users can access their files from a desktop PC or while on the go. The drives come in several sizes and with advanced features that help safeguard the information contained within. Staples® carries a variety of units for both Mac and PC users.

Multiple Sizes Available for Varying Needs
Everyone's storage needs differ, which is why Transcend external hard drives come with varying amounts of space ranging from 120GB to 8TB. Those who use them for documents or small files will suffice with a 120GB drive. Businesses and individuals who store programs such as photo-editing software, video games or movies can benefit from larger drive sizes.

In addition to storage space, the drives also vary in physical size. Portable models come as small as 3 inches, which allows them to fit in a pocket or a designated pouch in a briefcase or purse. Even the desktop models are small, with a height of just over 6 inches to easily fit in a corner or other small space.

Transcend External Hard Drives Work With Multiple Interfaces
Depending on the model you choose, you'll have access to a variety of interfaces, with the most common being USB 3.0. Many units with this connectivity are backward-compatible with USB 2.0 for added flexibility on older devices. Thunderbolt interface uses two channels, one to upload and the other to download, with a rate of 10Gbps, making it twice as fast as USB 3.0 with a transfer rate of 5Gbps. Some StoreJet® portable hard drives also come with a Type-C connection port that makes it compatible with a wide array of devices.

What Are the System Requirements of a StoreJet Portable Hard Drive?
The system requirements vary depending on the model you choose. You'll need a device that has an available USB port as well as an up-to-date operating system that meets the compatibility requirements. Most models work with Mac and PC computers, and with Windows, Mac and Linux systems. Others have a Type-C connectivity that lets you use your hard drive with a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet.

Do the Drives Come With Exterior Protection?
Yes. Since most Transcend external hard drives are designed with portability in mind, they come with tough exterior protection to safeguard against shocks, drops, and bumps. Many have a steel body with a rubberized or silicone outer shell that's not only slip resistant but goes through rigorous drop testing to ensure it protects the unit.

Are Transcend External Hard Drives Easy to Use?
Yes. Most of the models come with a plug-and-play operation that immediately prompts the user when connected to the laptop, desktop or mobile device. Additionally, the one-touch backup feature, which requires Transcend Elite software to operate, makes it easy to backup all files with a single touch of a button, even when it's not connected.

How Many Files Can You Store on a Transcend StoreJet Drive?
The number of files you can store varies on the storage size of the drive itself. Those that contain 2TB of space or more can hold over 950,000 images, 32,000 hours of MP3 or other digital music files, or over 500 hours of HD videos.
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Transcend® StoreJet 25 H3 1TB USB 3.0/SATA External Hard Drive, Purple
Item : IM1VR7511
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  • Purple 1TB external hard drive is compatible with PC, Mac
  • Interface/ports: USB 3.0/SATA, External data transfer: 640 MBps
  • Dimensions: 0.76"H x 5.27"W x 3.23"D
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