Transparent Film Dressings

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Transparent film dressings allow for constant observation of healing wounds and surgical incisions. Pads and rolls come in various sizes to suit your specific needs. Option with latex-free material help prevent skin irritation.

Made with Transparent Material
Use transparent film dressings that feature material in the pads and rolls that allows for the continual observation of wounds and incisions. Not only can the healing process be gauged, but transparency helps in determining when the affected area needs to be cleaned and the dressing changed. The top layer allows for the tracing of the wound's outline to help determine the rate of healing. Being able to see the wound without lifting the dressing ensures healing isn't interrupted.

Prevents Irritation, Resists Moisture
The latex-free material of many transparent film dressings prevents rashes and skin irritations from occurring. Most dressing material is made using microporous technology, which helps maintain a traditional vapor transmission rate to ensure breathability and resist moisture. The dressing can be kept in place for showering, during which time a wound care product such as a medical seal shower patch can be applied over the dressing to protect it from direct water pressure.

Many Options Available
Transparent film dressings in pads and rolls come in a variety of sizes allowing for application on any wound. Window dressings, film fabric frame dressings, and handle dressings offer different alternatives in sizes and features. The versatility of transparent rolls allow for the customization of dressings and can be used for wounds that cover a large surface area or are difficult to cover with a single pad. A pad or roll won’t stick to itself, allowing the wound's healing progress can be observed and the results shared with medical professionals if necessary.

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