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Trash cans and recycling bins are a standard feature of almost any home or office. They secure unsightly waste materials, maintain sanitary conditions in kitchens or storage areas and simplify trash removal and recycling efforts. These products come in many different sizes and finishes designed to meet the needs of all users. Staples carries recycling and trash cans for home or commercial use from a broad range of manufacturers, including Rubbermaid, simplehuman and Hefty.

Protected Trash Disposal
Some of these products are simple, open-topped containers, but many include lids that reduce odors and hide waste. Lidded cans also keep pets out of indoor receptacles and secure waste stored outdoors against animals such as raccoons or crows. Select containers have locking lids that can defeat the wiliest pest. Many products also make it simple to open lids without touching can surfaces. They have foot pedals, bump bars or electronic sensors that let you open the can when your hands are full.

Simplified Waste Removal
Waste receptacles come in a broad range of sizes. Small 3-gallon containers are ideal for a bathroom or office, while 10- to 13-gallon containers meet the needs of most home kitchens. The largest receptacles hold 44 gallons or more. Use them in outdoor spaces and commercial kitchens or to consolidate waste from smaller containers. Most wastebaskets are sized to work with standard plastic liners that protect their interiors from stains and make it easy to remove accumulated waste without spills. Some large products also have wheels that let you roll cans to a dumpster or the curb for collection.

Trash Cans are Practical and Decorative
While waste materials are not particularly attractive, some trash cans feature decorative finishes that blend into office or home decor. Stainless steel products match appliances in the kitchen, and plastic vanity wastebaskets with unique shapes and finishes look good in any bathroom or office.

These storage products are also designed to handle heavy loads. They're made from plastics and other rugged materials that withstand rough treatment. Outdoor waste cans and cigarette receptacles resist the effects of freezing temperatures and bright sunlight. Many commercial trash and recycling containers are also stackable, making it easy to store extra cans when they're not in use. Select products feature all metal construction that won't melt or emit toxic fumes. These receptacles meet OSHA requirements and conform to the NFPA Life Safety Code, making them an ideal choice for harsh industrial environments.

Organize Recycling Efforts
While some recycling bins are just basic containers, many include features that simplify material disposal. Most display the recycling symbol, so visitors know where to deposit plastic, glass or metal waste. Some also have divided compartments so you can pre-sort recyclables, and stackable products let users create custom waste storage solutions that match the requirements of their local recycling facilities. Select receptacles take eco-friendly to the next level. They're made from recycled materials, providing a practical demonstration of the value of the recycling process.

Recycling and trash receptacles take on a dirty job and handle it well. They're durable and sturdy enough to resist rough handling and the effects of weather and come in practical sizes that match any space. Shop Staples and find a recycling or trash container for commercial or home use.
Staples Indoor Trash Can w/ no Lid, Epoxy Black Wire Mesh, 4.4 Gal. (BPR24514)
Item #592648
Model #24514/BPR24514
  • Square trash can without lid ensures clean and litter-free space
  • Storage capacity of 4.4 gal. to easily accommodate all your waste
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Coastwide Professional™ Plastic Wastebaskets
Item #SS980252
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  • 3.2, 7 or 10 gallon wastebaskets
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Rubbermaid Slim Jim Vented Rectangular Waste Receptacle, 23 Gallons, Gray (FG354060GRAY)
Item #705138
Model #FG354060GRAY
  • Waste receptacle for ordinary use
  • Dimensions: 30" x 22" x 11"
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simplehuman Indoor Trash Can w/Lid, Brushed Stainless Steel, 13 Gal. (CW1467)
Item #177716
Model #CW1467
  • Slim trash can with lid lets you dispose of waste items efficiently
  • Storage capacity of 13 gal. to easily accommodate all your waste
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Rubbermaid FG5L5806BLA Spring Top Waste Can with LinerLock, 13 Gallon, Black
Item #24355401
Model #FG5L5806BLA
  • 15% wider base for easy bag removal
  • Spring top lid is easy to open and close
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Rubbermaid Indoor Trash Can w/ No Lid, Gray Plastic, 10.25 Gal. (FG295700GRAY)
Item #488311
Model #FG295700GRAY
  • Trash can without lid ensures clean and litter-free space
  • Storage capacity of 10.25 gal. to easily accommodate all your waste
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iTouchless SoftStep Stainless Steel Step Trash Can, 5.6 Liter / 1.5 Gallon, Kitchen Trash Can (PC05RSS)
Item #24219906
Model #PC05RSS
  • Gentle & Silent Lid Close - Durable, ergonomic pedal requires minimal force to open; easy to replace air damper for years of like-new performance
  • Sophisticated and Stylish - Elegant, fingerprint-proof and smudge-resistant brushed stainless steel is easy to clean and complements any decor
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Rubbermaid Indoor Trash Can, Black Plastic, 3.25 Gal. (FG295500BLA)
Item #RCP295500BK
Model #295500BK
  • Trash can without lid ensures clean and litter-free space
  • Storage capacity of 3.25 gal. to easily accommodate all your waste
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simplehuman Indoor Step Trash Can, Brushed Stainless Steel, 2.6 Gal. (CW1833)
Item #908563
Model #CW1833
  • Semi-round step trash can ensures clean and litter-free space and provides hands-free operation
  • Storage capacity of 2.6 gal. to easily accommodate all your waste
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Soft-Sided Wastebasket, 28qt, Black
Item #318626
  • Economically priced
  • Great for everyday use
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