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A wide assortment of vises ensures you can find the perfect heavy-duty tool to help you complete a project with just one set of hands. Vise grip models are designed for specific projects, including utility, mechanic's, and chain vises. Manufacturers such as Ridgid and Wilton Tools offer vises with a variety of holding capacities to further customize the tool to the job.

Heavy-Duty Construction
Steel vises feature a drop-forged construction so the tool can hold large and heavy items. Most vises are pieces of heavy-duty equipment that will last for years.

Easy Positioning
With its 180-degree swivel base, it's easy to position a vise to accommodate any type of item that needs clamping. Vises feature a lockdown mechanism that immobilizes the base once you've found the perfect position. A pair of mechanics gloves will protect your hands while you're adjusting the vise.

Functional Versatility
Vises come in a variety of jaw sizes, throat depths, and holding capacities, so you can easily find the right vise for the job. Specialty vises, such as the straight pipe welding vise, help you complete jobs that involve items with unique shapes.
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