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If there is a chance of puddles, spills, or leakage at a facility, having wet floor signs is a necessity. Not only do they alert workers and consumers of a possible hazard, but they also signal to janitorial staff members the need for quick action. For this reason, it makes sense to keep multiple signs on hand so that any employee can put up the item as necessary. Staples® carries a variety of signage solutions that signal the presence of wet flooring.

Wet Floor Signs and Cones Meet ANSI Standards
The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) is the agency tasked with devising color schemes for emergency, caution, and informational signage. Because a wet floor represents a potential physical danger, ANSI selected a yellow color for the backdrop of this sign. Since individuals have come to understand the meaning of this color when presented on signs, they now approach an area featuring this type of marker with caution – even before they can read the message.

All Types of Industries Benefit From the Use of Wet Floor Signs
These caution signs are appropriate for use in office buildings, educational institutions, health care facilities, restaurants, and manufacturing or retail establishments. Whether the flooring material features concrete, laminates, hardwood, or carpeting, it always makes sense to alert a passerby to a wet area along the path. With this in mind, consider having signage for the exterior of the venue as well as its interior, since sidewalks, too, become unsafe when there is a spill.

Do Wet Floor Signs Display as Double or Single-sided Products?
Typically, the signs show two messages – one on each side of the display. Because the standard wet floor sign presents as an A-frame setup, it makes sense to repeat the message on the back. With that said, there are some instances when the back of the sign may feature a different warning message. This design adds functionality to the marker because it eliminates the need to buy multiple signs when a business needs to present more than one standard warning.

When Should a Business Use Multi-lingual Wet Floor Signs?
Signs come with English-only or English and Spanish warning combinations. Some also feature warning messages in French and German alongside English. If a company does business with a multi-national clientele, it makes sense to display the information in more than one language. This practice ensures that anyone visiting the venue understands the message.

What Is the Best Practice for Displaying Wet Floor Signs?
A-frames and cones come in rigid or corrugated plastic. This construction makes them suitable for use right in the midst of a spill. Depending on the nature of the wet flooring's cause, keep the sign out of harm’s way if more liquids should leak. A good example is a hose that sprays water with enough force to move the signage. Aim the message so that passersby from the most likely direction will see it immediately. Some manufacturers make cones that display the caution message on four sides with a readability of up to 40 feet, which greatly enhances visibility for anyone approaching the spill from any direction.

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