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Owners of Nintendo game consoles find Wii U accessories such as high-definition cables, charging docks and wireless sensor bars are handy gadgets that can significantly improve a gaming experience. Staples carries several controllers, silicone skins, headsets and other accessories from brands like Insten, dreamGEAR, Nyko and PDP.

Power Your Console with Game Cables, Charging Stations and Adapters
There are several Wii U accessories that boost audio, video and connectivity quality. When it comes to creating the most optimal gaming environment, AV cables let players connect a Wii U to an HDTV, EDTV or monitor that produces a sharp picture and fantastic stereo sound. Color-coded cables make system setup quick and easy. For always-ready group gaming action, charging docks let you recharge two or more controllers at the same time with LEDs that indicate when charging is complete. Many docks come with high-capacity rechargeable batteries that extend wireless play by hours compared to standard batteries. An optional Ethernet adapter can improve and stabilize wireless signals while players are engaged in online gaming sessions.

Controllers, Screen Protectors and Protective Cases
For a classic gaming experience, wired fight pads let players enjoy their favorite legacy console games with a more natural and familiar hand placement. Choose from several colors and styles of controllers, some inspired by popular characters like Mario, Yoshi and the Princess. Those who prefer to play on the Wii U GamePad may appreciate screen protectors that prevent scuffs, fingerprints and scratches on the display. For durable protection of controllers, GamePads and remotes, silicone cases help cushion devices against hard falls while providing a more comfortable grip during intensive gaming and are easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Character Figurines Enhance Game Play
A popular addition to the Nintendo Wii U accessory family, amiibo figurines come to life with a simple tap on the GamePad, unlocking new levels, exclusive previews and bonus features in games like Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8. With special attacks and weapons that can be used in battles against friends, interactive gameplay jumps to a whole new level. Players can train up their favorite characters and save the data to an amiibo, allowing for customized play that travels between systems. Some amiibo characters also unlock game-specific costumes and healing boosts in a range of popular titles. Dedicated players and collectors can collect and trade among a wide selection of beloved figures like Bowser, Mario, Luigi and Toad.

Value-Added Wii U Accessory Bundles Include Gaming Essentials
Those who are new to the system may want to purchase bundles of Nintendo Wii U accessories that include items like ear buds, extension cables, a large stylus, cleaning cloths and charging stands. Some packages come with wireless sensor bars that allow for more flexible signal-sensing control. Cable packs provide all the essential pieces for a high-definition gaming setup. Case bundles offer protection for Wii remotes with non-slip security and wrist straps that prevent fly-away controllers. A smart combination purchased with a game console ensures years of safe and enjoyable play.

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