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Microsoft® Xbox 360 E 250GB Bundle W/ 5 Games and Accessories
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  • Hardware type: Xbox 360
  • Hard drive size: 250GB
Xbox 360 consoles let users experience entertainment in varying formats from playing games to watching HD movies. There are several models and series to choose from, each with their own built-in features. While earlier models are no longer available new, at Staples, gamers can still find refurbished units and compatible accessories.

Several Xbox 360 Models for Different Needs
The Xbox 360 console was originally introduced in 2005 and is now known as the Core model. It lacks the hard drive and storage space that subsequent models have but still lets users connect to the Live Marketplace to interact with players around the world. At the same time, shoppers could find the Pro model with either 20 or 60GB hard drive storage. The Arcade series took the Core model and added upgrades to include an HDMI output for use with HDTVs and up to 512MB of onboard storage or a 256MB memory card. Where the Core came standard with a wired controller, the Pro and Arcade came with a wireless unit.

In 2007, Microsoft released the Xbox 360 Elite console with a 120GB hard drive and followed up with the Super Elite offering a 250GB hard drive in 2009. Both came with one or two wireless controllers. In 2010, the first S series was released. It comes with either 4GB of onboard storage or a 250 to 320GB hard drive. With five USB ports, users can connect multiple accessories to create an immersive experience. The E series, released in 2013, comes with 250 to 500GB of hard drive storage and 4 USB ports, as well as a composite output port. Several models include headsets, and Xbox 360 bundles include games and equipment, letting users get started right out of the box.

Built-In Entertainment for User Enjoyment
Using the Live Marketplace, you can access an array of apps, including YouTube and other entertainment apps that let you watch movies and television shows or listen to music. In addition, you can plug your MP3 player into the USB ports and stream songs. The disc drive accepts and plays DVDs and CDs, offering another option if you don't have a player.

With Xbox Live, an optional feature that comes with several subscription tiers, users have access to the marketplace. The marketplace hosts several old-school and new-age arcade games and even lets users download the free game of the month within a specified time frame. Game players can create their own profiles and add friends to their chat list, making it easy to keep in touch even when they're playing different games. It also opens the door to multiplayer games where users collaborate and play together, communicating via headset for more personalized sessions.

Parental Controls for Added Safety
Parents who have children playing on Xbox 360 consoles will appreciate the built-in feature that gives full control over all activities. You can block games with specific ratings and restrict access to live chat to approved users only. A timer makes it easy to dictate how much time a child can play on any given day, or throughout the week, blocking the device when time runs out.