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Disinfect Your Office to Stop the Flu at Work

Want to keep your employees healthy and productive this flu season? Flu prevention is the best approach, and part of that is giving your staff members...

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Want to keep your employees healthy and productive this flu season? Flu prevention is the best approach, and part of that is giving your staff members the tools they need to stop the spread of flu at work. Making items like sprays, wipes and other disinfectants available can help you and your employees remove and kill harmful pathogens, even on commonly used office surfaces, such as keyboards, desks, doorknobs, etc., and stop the spread of flu before it begins.

The Importance of a Healthy Work Environment

The spread of influenza and other common illnesses results in missed work due to sick days and diminished performance due to flu symptoms. Dangerous strains can even cause serious health concerns for employees. Businesses of all sizes benefit from a focus on cleanliness before the signs of flu at work even arise. You should strive to impress the importance of clean work conditions on all employees. Everyone in the office should have access to disinfecting sprays and cleaning supplies that can eliminate germs, as well as information on how to use these tools effectively.

Just a Quick Wipe

You and your employees can quickly and easily sanitize office surfaces using wipes. Wipes contain disinfectants and can be used on keyboards, telephones and other shared work tools, letting those who use them touch these items without spreading germs to other users. Besides including the antibacterial chemicals commonly found in disinfectant sprays and solutions, many wipes are also hand-friendly, including moisturizer and promoting overall skin health.

When choosing the products for your workplace, remember that many sanitizers and solutions are not effective against viruses. Check labels to ensure the products you choose are both safe for use around workers and effective against common office health threats.

The cost of equipping an office with such tools to fight off the flu and other germs that are commonly spread during the flu season varies by company size, but the costs are often offset by the increased productivity that occurs when sick time is limited or eliminated.

Keeping your office clean and sanitary during flu season falls on both you and your employees. It is up to you to provide everyone with the tools and information necessary to help prevent the flu at work, and your employees must also understand the benefits of a clean and healthy work environment. The right information paired with the right products can help ensure everyone remains productive and healthy all year long.