Cold and Flu Supplies

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Cold and flu season affects almost everyone at home, at school and in the office. Cold and flu supplies products such as disinfectants and cleansers minimize the spread of the viruses that cause these diseases, and over-the-counter medications can help you feel better when you must keep going. Staples carries a variety of cold prevention supplies, including facial tissues, cleaning products, and hand sanitizers, as well as medications that help relieve cold and flu symptoms.

Cold and Flu Prevention Protects Everyone
While most people would prefer to curl up in bed when they're sick, sometimes that's just not an option. Getting the kids to school, cooking dinner or finishing a major project at work sometimes takes precedence over personal comfort. Using products such as hand sanitizers and surface cleaners keep family, friends, and coworkers healthy by eliminating the viruses that cause cold and flu symptoms. While a flu shot is one of the best flu prevention methods, regularly cleaning surfaces such as kitchen counters, light switches and copiers can reduce the risk of contracting the flu or another illness. Providing facial tissues and hand sanitizer in bathrooms, kitchens and break rooms can also help minimize the spread of cold viruses.

Combine Cold Prevention with Symptom Relief
Sometimes, prevention doesn't work. Relieving symptoms with over-the-counter cold and flu medications can help you stay focused while you're awake and get a restful night's sleep so you can shake off the infection quickly. They include remedies that relieve the full spectrum of cold and flu symptoms as well as specialized products such as cough syrup and pain relievers that target specific conditions. Facial tissues deal with runny noses, sniffling and sneezing. Bottled water and juice can help sick family members or employees stay hydrated if they must be up and active.

How do you Tell if you Have a Cold or the Flu?
Both of these diseases are caused by viruses, and, in many cases, they have similar symptoms. Colds symptoms are typically less severe and include congestion, sneezing, coughing, a sore throat and mild body aches. The flu adds additional symptoms such as an upset stomach, a headache, and fever. Cold and flu symptoms can mask or lead to more serious conditions such as bronchitis, pneumonia or strep throat. See a doctor if you suffer from persistent fever, congestion, headaches or coughing or have difficulty swallowing.

How do Colds and the Flu Spread?
Cold and flu viruses spread as airborne particles created when an infected person sneezes or coughs or by physical contact with a contaminated surface. Sick people can spread these diseases before displaying symptoms, making good hygiene practices an important part of cold and flu prevention. Viruses can survive for several hours on exposed surfaces, so washing your hands and using common cleaning supplies to disinfect areas on a regular basis can significantly reduce the risk of infection.

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