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Apple iPad Pro 10.5" 256GB, Space Gray

$799.00 Each

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  • 10.5-inch Retina display
  • A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit desktop-class architecture
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensor

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It's easy to stay engaged on-the-go with mobile work and entertainment options. Tablets provide users with access to their favorite games, books, apps and movies. Explore listings at Staples and find a model that keeps you engaged and connected.

Different Models are Ideal for Reading, Playing and Artwork
Consider your primary activities while evaluating different tablets. Those who want quick access to their entire library of e-books often prefer black-and-white e-readers, as these models mimic the look of regular paper. Mobile tablet options with fast processors, and lots of memory are ideal for playing games and streaming videos. Art tablets with stylus options and different brush effects give artists an upgraded medium to work with.

Consider Built-In Storage and Add-On Storage
Each device has a set amount of built-in storage that you use for apps, downloaded files and books. Memory amounts vary between brands and specific models. Many people prefer devices that have expandable memory slots. This feature lets users add to their overall storage capacity with a microSD or SD card.

Screen Size Affects Portability and Image Clarity
With so many screen size options, users can find a model that is easy to transport. Smaller options are often similar in size to paperback books. Large models rival small laptops, allowing users to access work files and large images anywhere. Both screen size and display resolution affect overall image quality.

What are Tablets for Kids?
Several major brands create kid-friendly models. These often have built-in protective cases that are meant to withstand multiple falls and drops. Some come with educational apps and games preinstalled to help keep kids focused on approved activities. With multiple profiles and parental controls, kids' tablet options let parents restrict tablet usage.

Are Tablets and E-readers the Same?
Although these devices overlap a lot regarding function and design, there are some differences to keep in mind. Tablets are multipurpose devices that accommodate gamers, readers, movie viewers and professionals. E-readers offer some of these features but are primarily designed for reading e-books. They often have more complex storage systems and screen lighting options that replicate the book reading experience.

Can Users Access the Internet on Tablets?
Internet access options depend on location and tablet model. Most tablet devices are equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, permitting users to connect to home networks and public Wi-Fi. Only certain models can access cellular networks. For example, some iPads are just Wi-Fi ready, while others can be added to a cellular data plan for constant Internet access.

Which Operating Systems do Tablet Devices use?
The operating system is a major purchasing factor for many users. Many devices run on the Android OS. The operating system used for iPads is iOS. Windows tablets that often double as laptops generally run on the most recent version of Windows.

Tablet devices increase productivity, minimize boredom during long waits and ensure that you have access to important files at all times. Find the right one for your professional or personal needs at Staples.

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