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Padded mailers provide the extra layer of protection to ensure that delicate and precious items reach their destinations intact. The envelopes feature a layer of plastic bubble padding to absorb shock. Tough exteriors withstand sharp objects and regular handling to keep items like electronics, toys, jewelry, and gifts safe. Envelopes and other mailing supplies are available at Staples®.

Sealing and Security Features of Padded Mailers
Padded mailing envelopes feature different types of seals. Self-sealing options are conveniently closed by applying pressure. Peel and seal envelopes have an adhesive layer concealed under a strip. Once the strip is peeled, the adhesive surface comes to contact with the adjacent part of the envelope and seals. Envelopes with folding ends can be sealed by stitching, stapling, or taping. Some adhesive rubber seals will only stick to their intended surfaces, to ensure the contents remain neat.

Padded shipping envelopes provide extra protection thanks to moisture proof material that also resists punctures. Special cushioning that expands upon handling and reinforced corners add a layer of protection when shipping. Paperboard mailers have sturdy exteriors for added strength. These features make it convenient to mail sensitive items with confidence that they will reach the recipients intact. The tamper evident seal feature on envelopes provides additional security. Once the package reaches the destination, some envelopes feature convenient tear strips for easy and neat retrieval of items.

Padded Mailers for Various Uses
Mailers come in various colors, including white, red, and Kraft. White envelopes help create a professional look and they are good for sending business items. Some white and tan colors are easy to customize with the company logo to create a more professional touch and impress clients and business partners. Red is a suitable color for gifts, while Kraft serves both casual and official purposes. The smooth interior linings make it easy to insert and remove items.

Are Padded Mailers Eco-Friendly?
Mailers are made of a combination of paper and plastic. Options that use a hundred percent recycled paper or up to fifty per cent post-consumer content leave a minimal carbon footprint. Some of these mailers are completely recyclable.

What Are the Available Sizes of Padded Mailers?
Mailers come in different package sizes, ranging from six to a hundred pieces per pack. Their measurements span sizes from zero to seven. These sizes are derived from the internal dimensions. Size 0 envelopes can hold CDs, while size 1 is equivalent to letter sized paper folded in half. Sizes 2 and 3 can hold small gifts like diaries, while size 4 is the size of standard printer paper. Size 5 is large enough to hold books, and size 6 can suffice for items such as shirts. Size 7 mailers can hold items up to the size of a small laptop.

Are Padded Mailers Suitable for Sending Photos?
Specialized photo mailers come in different sizes. They can expand up to one inch to keep the photos safe in the mail. Their self adhesive closures enable quick mailing while their specific padding keeps the photos flat throughout shipping.

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