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Wooster BrushLinzerHi-Tech Industries
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Hi-Tech Industries Hi Tech 9-Piece Paint Tray Kit with Deep Well (HBCLPT03939)(PT03939)
Item #24329451
Model #HBCLPT03939
  • Kit includes:
  • Sturdy, deep-well plastic tray
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Wooster Brush Deluxe Metal Tray, 1-Quart Capacity (00R4020110)Wooster Brush Deluxe Metal Tray, 1-Quart Capacity (00R4020110)
Item #24385247
Model #00R4020110
  • 1 quart working capacity
  • Measures 16.5"L x 11"W x 2.5"D
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Wooster Brush Deluxe Paint Tray Liner, Clear 12/Pack (0BR4960110)
Item #24385249
Model #0BR4960110
  • Liner eliminates cleanup and extends the life of trays
  • Form fitting
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Wooster Brush Jumbo-Koter Paint Tray 15"L x 7.25"W, 1 Quart Capacity (0BR4030064)Wooster Brush Jumbo-Koter Paint Tray 15"L x 7.25"W, 1 Quart Capacity (0BR4030064)
Item #24385251
Model #0BR4030064
  • Solvent-resistant plastic
  • 1/2 quart working capacity
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Linzer Tray Liners, 1 qt
Item #699218
Model #449-RM410
  • Size: 1 qt
  • Used with Tray RM400, RM403
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LINZER Tray with Ladderlock
Out of Stock
Item #1452815
Model #449-RM400
  • Material: Metal
  • Type: Tray with Ladderlock
Perform painting jobs on varying surfaces and materials with practical paint trays, which ensure mess-free work. Brand options include Wooster Brush, Linzer, and Hi-Tech Industries, so that every painting service can find a good fit. Using trays instead of dipping rollers into paint buckets prevents excessive splatter. Bulk orders of paint pans are available to suit large companies with a high demand for supplies. 

General features of paint trays
Liners on select trays extend their lifetime while ensuring clean paint jobs in different environments. Other items come with sturdy legs, which keep trays in balance while painting walls on a ladder or when finishing up a new fence. The ladder lock feature is also fitting for employees who paint using ladders regularly. With a deep well in some trays, users can dip the entire roller into the paint for expressive and striking color display on a surface. Rolled edges make it easy to keep the tray clean while painting. The form-fitting design makes it easy to hold trays when stepping up on a ladder.

Different uses for paint roller trays
Some trays in the collection are ideal for small projects like touch-ups, which require precise painting. These trays are compatible with rollers that measure up to 4.5 inches. Use rollers with paint trays to finish up furniture pieces, ceilings, or walls. Another tool to use with paint trays are brushes, which makes it easy to create precise and delicate paint strokes. It’s a fitting option for artists who paint on large-size surfaces. Order trays from multiple brands at Staples to accommodate small or large painting projects. 

What are some material choices of trays?
Polished steel material offers durability and prevents damage to paint trays with an impact-resistant feature. Solvent-resistant PET is recyclable, which makes some of these paint trays suitable for environmentally conscious companies. PET also offers high resistance to chemicals, so the paint won’t penetrate the tray material with frequent use. Other models feature rust-resistant polypropylene material, which remains in good shape with regular use. Lightweight material makes these trays easy to carry when going to a construction site. Durable paint roller trays are washable, so it’s easy to keep them in good shape for a long-term period. Brush marks won’t show on steel paint trays to keep up their appearance.

Are paint tray kits available?
Yes, the collection of trays at Staples features kits with a paint tray, roller frame, sash brush, and micro fabrics. Paint tray kits are ideal for do-it-yourself sessions in the home garage, for example. When ordering individual paint trays, make sure to choose compatible rollers and brushes, which enable fast and effortless work in any environment. 

Is it possible to place a roller in the tray mid-work?
Due to special ledges in select paint trays, it’s easy to put the roller on the tray so that you can use both hands to complete another task. The ledge tray design makes it easy to keep the roller out of the paint. Users can place a cover on the tray to keep the paint from drying out.