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Many homes and businesses need mailing pouches for sending items that won’t fit standard envelopes yet don’t need rigid boxes for safe shipping. Poly mailers fill that void, providing protection for contents while also holding down shipping and mailing costs with their lightweight construction and material. An array of sizes and shapes are available to fit many different items and products, including CDs/DVDs, jewelry, books and catalogs, apparel and shoes, and even rolls of fabric or wallpaper. Most of these mailers are tamper resistant with self-sealing closures that can be opened only once.

The Construction of Poly Mailers
Most pouch mailers have a two-part outer-shell and inner-lining construction. The dense paper shell, normally in white, gray, or brown-Kraft, will show an address boldly in pen or marker, or will hold a shipping label almost permanently. The inner lining is normally textured or bubbled polyolefin or polyethylene, both with protective qualities. The lining comes in various thicknesses, ranging from 1.5 to 4 mils, suitable also for specific items. Many linings are opaque silver, so that the contents can’t be identified with scanners or X-rays. The side seams are multi-stitched for added durability during shipping. The construction makes the mailers lightweight enough for cost advantages in shipping bulk items.

Plastic Mailing Bags in Polyolefin and Polyethylene Provide Excellent Protection
Both materials are FDA-certified food-safe plastic, and each is water and puncture resistant and retains its integrity in low temperature extremes. Polyolefin is a type of LDPE, so it provides the protective qualities that LDPE does, but it is also designed to prevent the accumulation of any buildup on sealed components, so it’s ideal for contents that might have to be bundled together. Both polyolefin and LDPE poly mailers come with self-sealing peel-off strips across their entire flap, normally pre-creased, to prevent any absorption of outside elements into the interior.

What Sizes Are Available in Poly Mailers?
The bags are available in standard numbered sizes for mailing and shipping pouches. The numbers designate square-inch dimensions, from 4 x 6 inches to 14.5 x 19 inches. However, long bags are also available, including 13 x 45 inches and 18 x 48 or 51 inches, for shipping cylindrical or tube-shape objects like wallpaper or fabric rolls. Most of these long mailing bags have a thickness of up to 4 mils, so they’ll hold material of heavier weight.

What Specialty Poly Mailers Are Available?
Nylon is known for its resistance to tearing, ripping, and puncturing. Some are reinforced with nylon and come without linings for ephemera like photos, documents, and prints that don’t need inner cushioning as much as they need protection from handling and shipping procedures. Some of these nylon-reinforced bags are also gusseted, so they’re ideal for packing and shipping hard items such as books and catalogs. Each is available in dimensions that fit all standard-size paper documents.

How Are Poly Mailer Bags Packaged?
All of the mailing bags fold flat, so they can be packaged in cost-saving bundles and cartons. Most are available in bulk packs of 250, 500, 1000, and 2000.

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