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Designing promotional items means taking into account the usefulness of a product. Office accessories are a must-have for many who rely on items such as calculators, rulers, and notepads to complete tasks. By imprinting a logo or company information on these products, it keeps the business name in front of prospective buyers and can drive sales.

Common Office Accessories to Consider
A 12-inch ruler comes in handy in the office and at home for measuring items. They're typically made of wood or plastic, sometimes with a metal guide. Some are flexible, so you can bend them while others have a magnifying glass in the middle to increase versatility. Keeping cool while working, especially in the summer months, can help increase productivity. A USB plug-in fan connects to a computer, laptop, or external USB port which powers it up without the need for batteries. A calculator or adding machine makes easy work of maintaining accurate numbers in the accounting industry.

Customizing Office Accessories
When creating custom products, aim to make the biggest impact as many supplies have limited space for artwork. A small company logo, or simply a website is enough for prospective clients and customers to find you. Small and large quantities are available, making it easy to distribute them among office employees or with customer purchases in a retail setting.
  • Promotional desk accessories are available in an array of colors and styles
  • Promotional letter openers and other desk accessories are used on a daily basis, providing your brand with great exposure
  • Personalized stress balls offer a fun, relaxing reminder of your message
  • Measure the growth of your business by using promotional rulers and calculators
  • Choose between small and large quantities to best suit your needs
  • Create your own design and easily upload

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As low as $1.29 each by style
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As low as $1.29 each

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