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Checkout and Beyond: Getting More from Barcode Scanners | Handheld Scanner |®

Checkout and Beyond: Getting More from Barcode Scanners

Modern barcode systems boast a wealth of benefits, from syncing with a retailer’s POS software to adjusting prices for promotions. And with handheld barcode scanners, this functionality doesn’t have to stay behind the counter. Employing the technology throughout your store can be a boon for business by streamlining inventory management, helping you understand sales trends and detecting theft.

Here are some top ways you can use handheld barcode scanners to boost your store’s efficiency and customer experience:

Go from the Register to the Aisle

Handheld barcode scanners are particularly beneficial for smaller retailers, because the same device can be used at a register or on the floor. Handheld scanners can be docked at the register for checking out customers, and then can be taken into store aisles or the backroom to help track inventory. The best part: The software that accompanies handheld scanners usually includes a POS application that can tie checkout and inventory information together in one system.

Speed Up Inventory

For some smaller retailers, taking inventory means paying overtime or even closing the store for a day every quarter. Since barcode scanners provide on-the-spot inventory checks and are much faster than counting by hand, there’s no need to increase payroll expenses or to shut the store temporarily.

The speedy system can be used anytime, with minimal disruption for customers. After an initial setup to code items into the system, employees simply point the device at an item’s barcode, capture the information and move on to the next product. And, using a handheld barcode scanning device also eliminates human counting error.

Perform Trend Analysis

A barcode scanner can also provide a glimpse into your store’s sales trends, allowing you to analyze developments more easily. For example, by doing a spot inventory check on certain products, you might see how fast widget A is selling compared with widget B. This kind of information can be very useful in guiding purchasing decisions.

Improve Theft Detection

Barcode scanners let you track inventory levels and record daily purchases, and then tie it all together in a POS system. The ability to do spot checks on inventory that seems unusually low makes it easier to detect theft and loss. These insights could lead you to tweak your security strategies.

With handheld barcode scanners, retailers of every size can benefit from more robust inventory controls, better loss detection and more flexible checkout options. Staying on top of these retail management strategies makes a store more efficient, with minimal expense expense and maximum return.

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