Media and Paper Shredders & Office Shredder Accessories

Shred-it to protect it
Find shredders and accessories that offer superior data protection. You can’t be too careful with financial information, customer data, business plans, and employee records. That’s why Staples offers a wide range of shredders and accessories to easily destroy paper, credit cards, CDs, and DVDs.

The smaller the cut, the bigger the protection.
From classified to public information, we have shredders that fit your business needs. For less important documents, strip-cut technology will cut in long thin strips which is less secure and can be reassembled if needed. Cross-cut shredding offers greater security by slicing paper into small squares or diamonds. And micro-cut technology provides the highest level of security, reducing paper into minuscule pieces – as small as 12,000 pieces per sheet of paper.

How fast can it shred?
Speed is another significant factor when choosing shredding technology. Speed is measured in a “shredder score” that is calculated by multiplying the number of sheets that can be shredded at the same time, by the number of feet processed per minute, and by the number of minutes the machine can run before stopping to cool down. Comparing shredder scores is the easiest way to determine how efficient your machine will be.

Features, whistles, and bells.
Shredding technologies come with several features that can make shredding easier and safer. Auto-feed features let you load a paper tray to be shredded without manual intervention. Media shredders will cut credit cards, CDs, and DVDs in addition to paper. Jam-proof machines cut through staples or paper clips without causing the mechanism to stall. And machines with touch-sensitive technologies turn off the cutters when hands get too close or when the system senses that someone may be trying to pull clothing or other snagged items from the shredder.

Essential accessories.
Shredding accessories for businesses include blade oil and lubricant sheets to reduce friction and prevent wear and tear. Staples also carries waste bags for disposing of shredded material.

While you’re shopping for shredders and accessories, don’t forget to stock up on copy paper, trash bags, and other basic office supplies.