Xbox Accessories

Microsoft's Xbox One game console offers users access to a broad range of games, a connection to the Microsoft Xbox Live community and entertainment such as video streaming, Blu-ray disc compatibility and web access. The console is simple to set up and compatible with Kinect, which provides voice and motion control options. Staples carries Xbox One consoles and accessories, plus a complete selection of compatible games, including platform exclusives such as Halo, Forza Motorsports and Gears of War.

A Dedicated Gaming and Entertainment Hub
Dedicated consoles are an excellent way to play video games in the comfort of your living room, and there are Xbox One games that match any gamer's tastes. Engage with the deep story offered by a role-playing adventure, challenge a friend to a game of football or soccer, or blow off a little steam with a shooter. The Xbox One is also backward-compatible with some Xbox 360 games so that you can revisit your favorites.

Microsoft's console offers app-style access to hundreds of entertainment products. Stream video from YouTube, Netflix or HBO, watch a favorite MLB or NFL team compete, or keep up with the current esports action on Twitch. You can also use this product to rent or buy movies and commercial-free TV shows, or pursue personal fitness goals with Xbox Fitness.

Xbox One Gaming Experience
The right accessory can improve anyone's game, and there are dozens of controllers, headsets and other peripherals available for this console. Xbox wireless controllers have a comfortable design and textured grips that won't slip during intense game sessions. They support custom button configurations and have a headset jack so late-night play won't disturb family members or housemates. You can also use these devices with Bluetooth-enabled Windows 10 computers and tablets. Kinect provides additional control options, with voice commands, motion sensors, automatic user recognition and seamless integration with communication services such as Skype or Twitch.

There are many other accessories available for Xbox One remotes offer familiar, TV-style access to media features, and wireless adapters eliminate the need for a network cable. Headsets give users enhanced audio and voice communication capabilities. Use an external hard drive to store additional entertainment content, or add a charging station and keep controllers juiced up and ready for your next game session.

Social Gaming with Xbox One
These consoles offer seamless access to Xbox Live, Microsoft's fast and reliable gaming network. Using the Live service you can game with players from around the world, so it's easy to find a teammate for your favorite shooter or a challenging RTS opponent. The network also has social features such as friend lists and clubs that let users connect with like-minded gamers or organized group play events quickly.

Xbox Live takes gaming connectivity a step further. Some digital games use the network to support play on either a console or a Windows 10 PC, providing instant access to achievements, add-ons and save games on both platforms. It also makes it easy to share video clips with friends or broadcast a live stream via Twitch. Xbox Live supports cloud-based save games, so there's no need for memory cards.

Microsoft's Xbox gaming console combines advanced gaming features with a huge range of media options. Explore the many Xbox One products available at Staples and expand your entertainment choices.