Xbox Consoles

Xbox 360 debuted in 2005 with the Core model, giving gamers an intuitive platform to play solo and multiplayer games. It comes with a host of features and an internal hard drive to support and store game progress. In addition to consoles, shoppers at Staples will find a variety of accessories and games to stay entertained.

Multiple Xbox 360 Consoles for Different Needs
The Xbox 360 console comes in several models including the S and E versions. The S series comes in several hard drive sizes, ranging from 4 to 320GB, while the E is an upgraded version of the S and offers up to 500GB drives. While the S offers five USB ports, the E only has four but adds an HDMI and a composite-out port. Prior models, which you can purchase as refurbished units, include the Core, Arcade and Elite. Some modern units come in bundled packages for added convenience and include games and specialty themed accessories.

Wide Selection of Games for Variety
Xbox 360 players will find a wide selection of games in multiple categories including sports, action and role-playing, for children of all ages and adults. They have ratings that specify appropriate age groups for informed buying. Some of the most popular games include battle varieties including Call of Duty and Halo. You can challenge your strategy skills with puzzle games like Minecraft, test driving skills with a variety of racing games and get your whole body involved with Kinect-compatible titles like Just Dance and Kinectimals. Xbox 360 games for kids include popular characters, letting them bring their favorite shows to life.

Xbox 360 Accessories for Enhanced Gameplay
To add even more fun to the array of games, Microsoft and third party brands offer several accessories. Controllers come in both wired and wireless formats, with wireless offering more freedom of movement. They work within a 30-foot range and plug into a charger when not in use. Headsets make it easy to communicate in multiplayer games with gamers around the world. They come with a built-in microphone and ergonomic ear and headband covers for comfort, even during long gaming sessions. With advanced drivers, the sound is clear, and in-line remotes let users mute their microphone or adjust the volume.

Those who play racing games can benefit from a steering wheel setup. They have controls in the center for easy operation and carrying out tasks, operating just like a handheld controller. Some come with a cockpit setup that includes foot pedals, as well as vibration feedback that rattles the wheel. Additional hard drives expand the amount of storage space and save multiple audio files, movies and games.

Xbox Live Gold for Interactive Playing
All Xbox users have the opportunity to join the Live community with a monthly or yearly subscription, giving them access to games that are free to download for specified periods of time. Users can also access a plethora of entertainment apps to watch their favorite shows, access movies and even browse the web or video conference using Skype.