3M™ Privacy Filter for 12" Widescreen Monitor (16:9)

Item #: 1899092 | Model #: PFNAP001

About this product

MEASURING FOR YOUR PRIVACY SCREEN & PROTECTORS: Measure from the upper left corner diagonally down to the lower right corner. Make sure you measure the Viewable Area Only. For a proper fit, do NOT include the monitor or laptop frame or casing in your measurement. Also, note if your screen is in Standard (Ratio 4:3 +/-) or Widescreen (Ratio 16:9 +/-)format .

  • Custom fits the 12" Apple MacBook
  • View from the sides is a darkened screen
  • Optimized viewing experience with very thin filter
  • Minimizes distracting screen glare
  • Helps protect display from dirt, debris and scratches
  • How to measure your screen