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Networking Accessories

Networking accessories are a great way to get the most out of your existing network setup. These simple tools attach to your current desktop or laptop computers and wireless networking devices to enhance their capabilities. Accessories are a cost-effective means of getting even more functionality out of the equipment that you already own.

Save on Energy Costs
Networking accessories that employ WeMo technology let you easily turn off unnecessary devices to save on electricity and other utilities costs. Remotely access systems from anywhere with a network connection and determine if they should continue to receive power based on the needs of your network or business. Shutting down or hibernating devices when they are not needed can result in a dramatic decrease in wasted power, providing an ecofriendly way to manage your network setup.

Enjoy Boosted Signals
Networking accessories also feature signal boosters that let your wireless Internet or intranet devices reach workers located farther away from access points. This can increase productivity by giving workers throughout your business center access to the same tools as those used by workers currently in range of the access points. To set up a new Internet connection in your office for guests or workers, try a high-powered router.

Additional Antenna Options
Accessories for networking devices include omnidirectional antennas that allow you to create excellent signal strength throughout your home or business location. Adding more antennas to your current setup can boost signal strength as well as area saturation. This leads to more effective wireless networking in your business center or home, reducing the problems associated with interference or weak signal strength.