Apple Disc Drives & Burners

Apple® SuperDrives™ are internal and external optical drive readers and writers that are the standard CD and DVD drive interfaces for Apple’s Mac® line of computers. New-generation Apple optical drives have interchangeable compatibility with several lines of Mac computers. Versions are available for swapping out the optical readers of specific Mac computers released in different years. All SuperDrives let users watch DVD movies, listen to CD audio playlists, install Mac software, create file archives, and build system restore files. Staples® carries a wide selection of Apple products to meet computing needs.

External Apple SuperDrives are Lightweight and Portable
Apple SuperDrives are meant to accompany Mac laptops on the go. The drives weigh less than 12 ounces, measure about 5.5 inches square, and are less than 0.75 inches thick. They are only slightly larger than a CD case and will fit in almost any handbag, travel bag, or computer carrying case. They also take up little room when used with Mac laptops on work surfaces. The SuperDrives connect directly to the USB 2.0 ports of Mac computers and do not require any external power source. Apple USB SuperDrives come with the external cable attachment and have plug-and-play functionality.

External Apple SuperDrives Work With Select Mac Computers
Most new generations of Apple Macs come without optical drives so they can provide the most streamlined portable profile possible. Apple recommends equipping them with the SuperDrive as a companion accessory. The Apple USB SuperDrive is compatible with recent MacBook Pro® releases with retina displays. The panel displays contain high-density pixel resolutions to provide a rich video and imaging experience that syncs with the technology of the SuperDrive. Other new-generation Apple computers that work with the external SuperDrive include Macbook Air®, iMac®, Mac mini®, and Mac Pro®.

What Internal Apple SuperDrives are Available for Older Versions of Mac Computers?
Internal optical readers for older Macs worked with either a SATA interface or an IDE, parallel AT attachment interface. SuperDrives are available for each interface, offering good read and record speeds for a full range of CD and DVD optical disks. The interfaces include all early Macbooks, pre-unibody Macbook Pro’s, and the initial versions of newer-generation MacBook Pro’s.

What DVD Formats Does the External Apple SuperDrive Support?
The SuperDrive is compatible with CD and DVD formats up to dual layer recordable disks. The disks include CD-R, CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD+/-R, DVD+/-R DL, DVD+RW, and DVD-ROM. The optical reader from Apple has read speeds of 24x CD and 8X DVD, as well as write speeds of 24x CD, 8x DVD+/R, and 6x DVD+/-R DL. The Apple USB SuperDrive also works with rewritable CDs at 16x, DVD+RW at 8x, and DVD-RW at 6x, to provide functionality for everyday data file swapping and transfers.

What Form Factor Does the Apple SuperDrive Use?
The SuperDrive is a slot-loading device with an internal mechanism for reading and writing disks. It is much sturdier than standard slide trays. Disks load simply by sliding into the slot and eject by pushing the ejection button on an Apple keyboard or by using on-screen commands.