Applicator Sticks

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With applicator sticks and swabs, it's simple to procure the samples you need. Specially designed swabs make performing specific medical procedures more efficient and ensure consistency between samples. Stock up on bulk packs of applicator sticks so that you always have them on hand when needed.

Mix Medicines
Use wooden applicator sticks to mix medicines or to stir ingredients together to make a combined solution. Single-use sticks ensure hygiene when you're making a product intended for wound care or beauty applications, and they are available in bulk packs for high-volume use. Because they are thin and long, applicator sticks give you precise control over the stirring process, which is especially useful when you're dealing with small volumes, such as blending two drops of solution on a slide.

Take Samples
Swipe a cell sample from a mucous membrane or collect bacteria from a lab-grown colony using swabs and applicator sticks, and then transfer them to a slide or new culture dish using the same handy tool. Latex-free sticks and swabs can be used directly on the skin of patients with latex allergies and can be handled by lab technicians with similar sensitivities, so you can easily make them part of your allergen-free collection alongside nitrile gloves and other latex-free lab tools.

Apply Solutions
Stirred solutions are easy to apply with applicator sticks and swabs designed to deliver a thin layer of liquid or gel to a precise area of the body. Long applicator sticks keep your hands well away from the open wound or mucous membrane, which helps prevent cross contamination. The extended length of applicator sticks and swabs gives you plenty of reach.

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