Art Supplies

Art supplies are essential not only for creative expression in the classroom, but also in the homes of hobbyists and other enthusiasts. Staples offers a wide selection of tools and materials for artists of all ages, as well as ways to keep items organized.

Coloring books for children and adults
Coloring is a hobby and pastime enjoyed by both kids and grown-ups alike. Many find it relaxing and satisfying to finish a picture using crayons, markers, or colored pencils. There are books with simple pictures for younger ages to color and others with more complex designs for adults or older kids with advanced skills. These include intricate, stylized animals as well as mandalas and nature scenes or flowers. Some children’s coloring books also include text to make them a learning resource.

Keeping art supplies organized
Organization keeps art supplies tidy and easy to find when needed. This also ensures product longevity and preserves quality, which is especially important for delicate materials. There are shelves and bins for writing utensils, some of which feature customizable labels to identify the contents of each container. There are also shelves with larger spaces for sheets of construction paper and stylish, colorful bins for holding scrapbooking and card-making materials. Portfolios are useful for artists taking work on the go.,

What types of drawing tools are best for kids?
Crayons are a frequent favorite among young artist due to their ease of use. Markers are also large and easy to hold, making them suitable for small children. Colored pencils require periodic sharpening and so are better suited to older kids or teenagers. Some colored pencils do have features that replace the need for sharpening so younger children can use them.

Other tools and materials that fit well into preschool or kindergarten classrooms are thick, heavy construction paper and safety scissors with blunted edges and tips. Many drawing tools and art supplies for children are also washable, so cleaning color off of tables, walls, and hands is easier.

What are the tools and materials for jewelry making?
Both hobbyists and professionals require specialized tools for making necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. Metallic wire often holds these pieces together, providing a place to string beads in a range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Tools like bead scoops, chain nose pliers, and wire cutters provide the precision needed to do this delicate work. These tools and jewelry making materials usually come in kits containing multiple pieces to make getting started easier.

Which mediums and which tools work best together?
Many sketching and art pads feature specialized paper that works better with certain types of techniques. Some work well for paper and pen sketches, while others have a textured surface that adds detail to watercolor brushstrokes. Other pads have smooth paper that allows for easy erasing to minimize the appearance of marks from previous attempts. This also makes them ideal for drawing manga and other comics. Acrylic and other paint types also work best with specific types of paper and canvas. Choose paper intended for a preferred medium for optimal results.