Artificial Plants & Flowers

For spaces in your home or office where a lack of natural light will not allow plants to grow well, natural-looking artificial plants and flowers allow you to bring nature inside. Choose floor plants, flowers, and even bonsai. They are perfect for special occasions or as permanent fixtures and fit conveniently into packing boxes.

Floor Decor
For public places in your office, conference rooms, or lobbies, floor plants such as ficuses, cedars, and evergreens enhance your decor with a natural look. Many interior places do not have enough daylight for natural plants to thrive, especially those plants that need extreme weather conditions, such as bamboo or palms. Larger spaces can exhibit a tropical feel in the cold months with a selection of artificial potted palms and exotic bamboo plants. Use them as complements to water-based architectural details, such as fountains or waterfalls. For more intimate spaces, consider handsome topiary floor plants to create the feel of an elegant garden.

Vibrant Colors
Add color and style to your rooms with the wide selection of artificial flowers and flowering plants.
Choose from potted flowering plants, such as hydrangeas or peonies. Nothing adds elegance to a boardroom table or a dining table at home like orchid centerpieces. For a special touch during the holiday season, add poinsettias to your decorations — they can be stored with other holiday material. To enhance the beauty of your plants, pick the perfect ceramic pots in the garden tools category.

Hanging Options
For a unique display in lobbies or more public areas, add hanging baskets of majestic philodendron or stylish ferns. Desk areas are ideal for the beauty of artificial bonsai.