Aztec Backpacks

Aztec backpacks bear the bold color and patterns made by the Aztec people of central Mexico. Aztec designs feature a series of lines and geometric shapes, and traditionally each symbol had a meaning in the ancient culture. A bag emblazoned with this type of print is both fashionable and functional and can be used for both the home and office.

Choosing an Aztec Backpack for Daily Use
Backpacks are made to lighten the load when roaming to and from work or school and while traveling. Bags are typically chosen depending on the personal style and tastes of the user. Prints with browns and golds match well with fall fashions, while bright colors of pink and blue bring a pop of color to summer fashions.

Use an Aztec backpack as a carry-on bag while flying so your bag is easy to spot and hard to lose. Fill a pack with snacks and necessities, and head out on the trail for a day of hiking. One of these colorful packs can be used in place of a diaper bag for keeping your baby's belongings at hand. You can also use Aztec backpacks for college for carrying textbooks and papers.

Understanding the Available Options for an Aztec Backpack
Aztec backpacks come in a variety of different fabrics. Cotton canvas is thick and lasting and easy to clean. Ripstop nylon is ideal for hiking and camping because it is resistant to snags and tears. Polyester has a slight give so the bag can be stuffed easily into an overhead compartment without causing damage to the fabric.

Padded compartments offer a reinforced design for holding a laptop or other media device. You can also choose a pack with multiple pockets that help distribute the weight evenly and keep you organized. Large pockets can hold power cords and other accessories, and a reinforced base prevents wear and tear.

What Is the Difference Between an Aztec Backpack Print and an African Print?
Traditional Aztec prints tend to have thick line placements and muddy tones, though they can come in any color. African prints focus on flow and contain more vibrant colors. Traditional African prints tend to depict stories or represent some sort of symbol related to the African culture.

How Do You Choose an Aztec Backpack for Daily Use?
The main purpose of a backpack is to provide comfort while carrying multiple items. Before purchasing a backpack, try it on and adjust the straps. The bag should sit comfortably on the back and not fall below your hips. Thick padding along the back can reduce back pain and lessen shoulder fatigue. You can also opt for a back with padded hip belts to help distribute some of the weight inside of the bag.

How Do You Pack an Aztec Backpack?
Pack an Aztec pack with the heavy objects on the bottom or in the very center of the bag. Keep small necessities in the outer pockets and use a waterproof sack for any liquid stored inside to safeguard against leaking.