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Specialty prep pads ease the removal of medical tape and bandages without irritating skin. Choose gentle, alcohol-free pads to minimize patient discomfort. Simply hold the soft textured surface against the edge of the tape, and pull slowly to remove, and then wipe to clean off adhesive residue.

Minimize Patient Discomfort
Specialty prep pads reduce patient discomfort by loosening tape and bandage adhesives to facilitate removal. Rub the soft pads along the edge of wound coverings to gently soften the adhesive before drawing the bandage away from the skin. The textured surface lightly scrubs off adhesive residue to thoroughly clean the skin before surgery or other medical procedures.

Remove Adhesives Easily
Choose strong adhesive removal pads to detach the toughest adhesives. Specialty prep pads work to ease the removal of paper, plastic, and cloth tapes as well as specialized adhesives used for securing tubes and covering large wounds and surgical incisions. Use specialty prep pads to release stubborn adhesives from hair and all skin types.

Convenient Storage
Bulk packs of specialty prep pads are easy to store to have on hand when you need them. Keep a supply in each of your exam rooms for quick adhesive removal during medical exams and procedures. Stock specialty prep pads with your suture and staple removal supplies to remove tape, dressings, and adhesive thoroughly during post-op care.

Reduce Allergy Risks
Latex-free specialty prep pads reduce the risk of serious allergic reactions in patients and health care providers with latex sensitivities. Send latex-free prep pads home with patients for pain-free adhesive removal during home care without the risk of allergic reactions in family members and care providers.

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