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Inspire your kids every day by getting them Bixbee® backpacks to carry their school supplies. This brand makes comfortable backpacks with eye-catching designs. The bags come in different sizes and made from strong materials that can survive rough handling. You can find a wide selection of Bixbee school bags at Staples®.

Pick Bixbee Backpacks That Match Your Kids' Interests
Bixbee school bags have a unique horizontal design that makes them wider than they are tall. This short and broad design makes it easy for kids to reach inside their bags and find school supplies while providing the same storage capacity as regular vertical backpacks. The brand's packs come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. Small backpacks are for very young kids that are 36 to 42 inches tall. Large units are for kids over 4 feet tall and mid-sized ones are for children between 3.5 and 4 feet tall.

Besides choosing the right backpack size for your child, you should also find one with a design that appeals to them. Bixbee has a popular line of school bags with animal-themed designs. Some of the cute animal figures depicted on these backpacks are foxes, elephants, butterflies, cats, bears, owls, and dinosaurs. The brand also makes backpacks with floral and animal prints as well as camo, glittery, and solid colors.

Choose Bixbee Backpacks for Their Spacious Compartments
Bixbee gives its kids' backpacks spacious interiors and multiple exterior pockets. Each bag has a cover flap that opens to reveal a main compartment with lots of space. In a small backpack, this space can hold a notebook, folder, or sweater. Larger models have interior spaces big enough to carry textbooks, notebooks, and binders. To make them suitable for carrying heavy items, the manufacturer equips the bags with padded bottoms and corners. The backpacks also have interior organizer pockets for storing pens, pencils, and crayons. The exterior pocket selection includes those dedicated holders for water bottles, ID cards, and lunch money.

Are Bixbee Backpacks Comfortable to Carry?
Yes. These kids' backpacks have padded, contoured shoulder straps as well as padded carry handles and back panels. Foam padding prevents straps from digging into the wearer's shoulders while their contoured shapes follow the curvatures of their back and shoulders. They are also adjustable. This means that your child can change the length and slack of the straps for a more comfortable fit.

Can You Carry Laptops in Bixbee Backpacks?
Laptops can only fit in large Bixbee school bags. These backpacks are for older kids and have main compartments with built-in padded sleeves for laptops and tablets. The available space is big enough to hold laptops with screen sizes up to 13 inches.

Are Bixbee Backpacks Water-Resistant?
Yes. The brand makes its kids' school bags from 600-denier polyester. This is a strong, durable fabric that's also water-resistant. It is easy to wash and quick to dry.

Do Bixbee Backpacks Have Reflective Surfaces?
Yes. Bixbee finishes its backpacks with reflective details. The reflective material shines brightly when illuminated and makes the bag highly visible in low light. This feature can help keep kids safe from oncoming cars and bikes.
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