Blank Media

Use blank media in your computer's CD- or DVD-writable drive to record essential data for later use and simple transfer. Select video tapes and cassettes for recording video with your camcorder. Select high-capacity data cartridges to ensure all your business's information is captured securely.

Easy Data Storage
Blank media such as writable DVDs from Memorex make it simple to record video for playback on your computer or DVD player. Use blank CDs from Staples to make customized music mixes for portable devices or your vehicle. Choose high-quality blank CDs and DVDs as a cost-effective way to backup your work at the end of each day. Select blank media with inkjet printable surfaces to make organization simple and convenient.

Convenient Multipacks
Choose blank media in multipacks to quickly restock your office's supply cabinet. Spindle packs of 100 CDs from reliable companies like Sony and Verbatim are a handy way to ensure you've always got extra storage on hand. Smaller packs of CDs and DVDs designed for specialty recording of music and video are also available, so you can select the best blank media for the job at hand.

Flexible Storage Capacity
Blank media offer a wide range of storage capacity. Blank CDs store up to 700 MB of information, and you can format them for play in a variety of devices from your laptop or desktop computer to your car stereo. Blank DVDs provide 4.7 GB of storage and can be formatted to work with your computer or home DVD player, making them the perfect choice for weekly data backups or to share video recordings with family, friends, or clients.