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Bluetooth Headphones

Switch to a pair of Bluetooth headphones to enjoy a wireless listening experience. With Bluetooth support built into most consumer electronics, including computers and mobiles, these devices can stream audio from most gadgets easily. Wireless headphones come in various sizes and styles, and the right one to pick depends on how and where you intend to use them. Check the large selection of wireless audio devices at Staples to find Bluetooth headsets and headphones from leading brands.

Choose from different types of Bluetooth wireless headphones
When classified by design, the three major types of headphones are in-ear, on-ear, and over-ear. In-ear units are also earbuds. These fit snugly inside ear canals and are smaller and lighter than on-ear and over-ear models. Earbuds offer passive noise isolation to help reduce ambient sounds. High-end models also feature active noise cancellation to make listening more immersive.

On-ear and over-ear headphones have cushioned ear cups that rest on the ears or cover them. They pack bigger audio drivers and, therefore, sound better than in-ear units. Over-ear models have ear cups that enclose the ears fully. They deliver better noise isolation than on-ear headphones. While heavier, they're very comfortable to wear because their larger ear cups distribute weight more efficiently. Over-ear units also have amply padded ear cups and use soft materials like leatherette and memory foam.

Key factors to consider when shopping for headphones with Bluetooth
Sound quality is the first factor to consider when shopping for wireless headphones. Driver size and frequency response contribute to overall sound quality, but noise cancellation is a more important feature for most people. Models with this feature significantly improve users' listening experiences in noisy environments. A built-in microphone is another important feature to have in a pair of wireless headphones. It's useful for answering calls and using voice assistants. Models with active noise canceling have extra microphones that pick up ambient noise to effectively cancel them out.

Intuitive controls are also welcome features for headphones. Look for a pair that puts playback controls within easy reach. When shopping for on-ear and over-ear models, consider those with collapsible ear cups. Folding ear cups make headphones easier to carry around and pack in travel bags. Consider battery life when comparing Bluetooth headsets and headphones. Find a unit that can last throughout your daily commute or most of a long flight.

Are true wireless earbuds also Bluetooth headphones?
Unlike regular Bluetooth earbuds, there's no cable connecting the two buds of a pair of true wireless earphones. The earbuds pair with each other and an audio source via Bluetooth. True wireless earbuds also come in charging cases.

Should you get water-resistant Bluetooth wireless headphones?
Choose one of these to use during workout sessions. Headphones made with water-resistant materials can withstand sweat while exercising. They'll also survive a little rain when out jogging. Choose waterproof headphones to use while swimming.

What is the difference between open-back and closed-back Bluetooth headphones?
On-ear and over-ear headphones may also have open-back and closed-back designs. A closed-back design uses an acoustic seal to keep sound from escaping and entering ear cups. By blocking out external sounds, headphones with this design are better for private listening sessions and produce a better bass response. An open-back design uses mesh to cover the rear of ear cups. This acoustically transparent material lets in some ambient sounds and delivers a more expansive soundstage. Choose an open-back unit to listen to music at home or in a studio.