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Sealing wounds in, bordered gauze keeps lesions clean and ensures germs stay out while the skin safely heals in an enclosed environment. This gauze comes in several different sizes and materials to best fit the type of wound being treated.

Versatile First-Aid Care
These gauzes are sterile, latex-free and many come with a deluxe soaker pad. They have a non-woven adhesive border and their backing is water resistant. Bordered gauzes are ideal for surgery or procedural incision sites, partial and full-thickness wounds, and pressure ulcers. They are not recommended for third-degree burns or for patients that have a known sensitivity to dressing components.

Surgical Adhesive Dressings
Many of these surgical dressings are latex-free and sterile, featuring a soft, highly absorbent rayon and cellulose pad for wound draining. A hypoallergenic tape backing typically holds the dressing in place on two sides, leaving the other borders open to allow drainage free flow, while still protecting the wound site. The pad won't stick to granulating tissue, but it provides excellent protection of the wound area. Ideal for long surgical incisions, abrasions, lacerations, or invasive lines, the dressings are easily cut to customizable sizes for the right fit. Surgical adhesive dressings are an all-in-one covering that reduce application time by serving as a sterile sponge, non-adhesive pad and cloth silk tape. They also provide a less messy application by providing all the needed materials together in one product.

Assorted Quantities
For medium to large venues or businesses, this bordered gauze can be purchased in boxes of 500 pieces or more. Meanwhile, for smaller locales, boxes with 15 gauzes per box can address regular first-aid concerns. Combine the pieces with standalone sponges and gauze to provide comprehensive care solutions.

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