Bose® Computer Speakers

Take your listening experience to the next level and fill your home or office with sound with Bose computer speakers. Whether you're editing video or participating in Web meetings, these speakers ensure that you catch every nuance. Choose from standing or desktop models to complete your workspace.

High-Quality Sound
Bose computer speakers create crisp and accurate amplification, whether you're listening to videos, music, or spoken word. Engineered with legendary Bose digital signal processing, the speakers produce rich bass notes and clear high tones. For a full-immersion listening experience, look for models featuring Acoustimass technology to replicate the sound of a much larger system.

Easy Installation
Many Bose computer speakers come with a single USB cable that works with virtually every computer, so you don't need to worry about adapters. Installation takes seconds—simply plug the cord into an available port, and get back to work. This plug-and-play design allows you to switch the speakers between computers with minimal effort. Alternatively, choose a multiple-input model to connect more than one device at once.

Flexible Mounting
Bose computer speakers are designed to rest on any flat surface, enabling fast setup on a desk, table, floor, or shelf. Some models feature built-in stands that raise the speakers closer to ear level. If you want to save desk space, use a speaker stand to create a custom setup.

Convenient Controls
Each of these Bose computer speakers features intuitive, clearly marked controls that enable quick operation. If you want to place your speakers away from your desk, choose a model with an included control pod that allows you to adjust the volume and power without getting up. Use speakers that feature built-in headphone ports to avoid disturbing those around you.