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GEKO OwlScout D108016G Dual Dash Camera, BlackGEKO OwlScout D108016G Dual Dash Camera, Black
Item #24401333
Model #D1080
  • High-performance dual dash camera records in 1080p Full HD and is ready to capture everything happening outside and inside your vehicle
  • Built-in 2.7" LCD screen
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Vivitar Pro Action Waterproof Camcorder, Blue DVR785HDVivitar Pro Action Waterproof Camcorder, Blue DVR785HD
Out of Stock
Item #102380
Model #DVR783HD-SIL-WM
  • Compatible Media for Micro SD up to 32GB
  • Captures stunning 5.1 Megapixel still images, along with recording video at 720p
DNPCanon PowerShot 360 HS 20.2 Megapixel Compact Camera, Purple
Out of Stock
Item #IM11Y8515
Model #1081C001
  • Allows the user to appreciate and enjoy the captured photos and videos in wide screen
  • 3" LCD screen offers convenient display while you are shooting or viewing your photos
Polaroid Cube POLC3 3.4 mm 6MP Sports Lifestyle Action Video Camera, Blue
Out of Stock
Item #1967008
Model #POLC3BL
  • Comes in blue color, this 6MP sports lifestyle action camera is suitable for Windows and Mac
  • Dimensions: 1.4"H x 1.4"W x 1.4"D
Hamilton Buhl ActionPro HDV17BK 24MP FHD Digital Video Camera, BlackHamilton Buhl ActionPro HDV17BK 24MP FHD Digital Video Camera, Black
Out of Stock
Item #24160806
Model #HDV17BK
  • Slim, sleek, and easy-to-use 24MP FHD camcorder is perfect for any age
  • Features a 2.7" TFT-LCD display with 270-degree rotation
Canon EOS Rebel T7i 24.2 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera with Lens, 18 mm, 55 mm
Out of Stock
Item #IM19T2911
Model #1894C002
  • 3" LCD screen offers convenient display while you are shooting or viewing your photos
  • With 24.2 Megapixel resolution, get impressive and sharp image quality and capture the moments that truly matter most
Vivitar 4k action camcorderVivitar 4k action camcorder
Out of Stock
Item #2581738
Model #DVR914-BLK
  • Capture 16 MP photos
  • 4K video recording allows you to capture every twist, turn, and drop even at the slowest detail
Hamilton™ Audio Visual, Digital Camcorder
Out of Stock
Item #369859
Model #HDV5200-1
  • Age group and grade: All ages and all grades
  • Dual SD card slots for long video recording, one 2 GB card included (no internal memory)
Canon EOS Rebel T7i 24.2 Megapixel Digital SLR Camera with Lens, 18 mm, 135 mm
Out of Stock
Item #IM19T2912
Model #1894C003
  • 3" LCD to view captured pictures
  • With 24.2 Megapixel resolution, get impressive and sharp image quality and capture the moments that truly matter most
Canon VIXIA HF R80 Digital Camcorder, 3", Touchscreen LCD, RGB CMOS, Full HD
Out of Stock
Item #IM14U0312
Model #1959C001
  • Superior image quality, reliability, affordability, flexibility and user convenience. These are a few benefits of having a digital camcorder.
  • Compose your shots with ease with 3" LCD
Camcorders come in various designs, colors, sizes, and models. In comparison to mobile devices, they capture video in a much higher resolution. Despite the varying designs, functions like record, zoom in and out, and still image capture are present on all camcorders. Staples carries a vast selection from simple designs to advanced models that come with additional features and functions to suit different needs.

Consider various types
Camcorders come in two distinctive types: full-sized models and action cams. A full-sized model is naturally bigger. It comes with more options and considerably better quality. Once edited, play videos taken on these units on DVD and Blu-ray players. Action cams are relatively smaller, fit in a hand easily, and are more lightweight, with some weighing as little as half a pound. Action cams are best suited to film outdoor activities such as surfing, biking, snowboarding, and soccer. They sit on helmets, car bumpers, dashboards, and surfboards. Some designs include a magnetized base on the action cams for easy attachment to any magnetic surface.

Numerous key features
Camcorders come in a variety of designs and models that offer different features depending on the complexity of the device. Some of the features include internal processors, flip-out LCD screens, touch screens, digital optical stabilizers, flash memory inputs, and wireless features like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Fast internal processors allow for capturing of clear images with sharp focus and little to no blurring. The LCD screens facilitate previews of footage shot, and the touch screens increase ease and accessibility to the camera's controls and settings. Flash memory inputs provide a way to increase storage capacity, if necessary.

Consider intended use
The intended use of the camcorder determines things like size, weight, and uncompromisable features. Action cams, for example, are light and small, with rugged, long-lasting bodies. Additional features such as mounting brackets and detachable cases are a plus. These cases are waterproof, can withstand different weather conditions, and protect the camera from mud and water splashes and occasional bumps, which are unavoidable when shooting outdoor activities. Because of their compact design, they may lack features like LCD screens. Camcorders intended for recording everyday videos should be light and easy to carry. Features like digital stabilizers are necessary to ensure steady images even during camera motion.

Do they record audio?
Camcorders come with built-in microphones that record sound. Due to their compact design, action cams often lack decent audio quality. However, advanced designs come with a jack that allows for the use of an external microphone, which significantly improves the sound quality.

What are the recording modes?
There are two types of recording modes, which are standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD). Different camcorders record in different resolutions. HD offers clear and crisp images of better quality; however, it takes up more storage space.

Are they good to use in low-light situations?
Most camcorders capture good images in low light. Some designs specify the level of light sensitivity of the camera in units called lux — the lower the number, the better the camera's performance in low light.