Communicate with students or employees with chalk that writes smoothly and cleans easily. These chalk supplies are handy tools for teachers, artists, builders, and home-improvement aficionados. Choose from many colors and package sizes to get the most from these versatile supplies.

Fun for Kids and Adults
Students enjoy using colored chalk when writing on the large board at the front of the classroom or on small boards at their desks, and this participation helps keep them engaged in their lessons. Sidewalk chalk entertains boys and girls during recess or after-school programs, and it easily washes off to keep outdoor areas clean. Artists of all ages appreciate the soft blending techniques that are achieved with paper chalks, which are erasable to help you color perfect images.

Practical Accessories
Keep your hands and boards clean when you use holders and erasers specially designed for chalk. Holders allow you to grip chalk pieces more securely while you write while keeping your hands and clothing free of chalk dust. Using the appropriate eraser makes it easier to clean your chalkboards thoroughly, and having multiple erasers on hand means that you always have a clean one when you need it.

Vast Selection
Large schools or day care centers benefit from bulk packages that provide enough materials for multiple classrooms, while small facilities can control costs by ordering single packages and accessories. Art chalks are available in kits of all sizes, providing many options for artists who color on notepads and paper. Keep a chalk line kit in your toolbox to achieve straight lines every time you lay tile or hang cabinets.

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Add to cart Prang® (Dixon Ticonderoga®) Hygieia® Low Dust Chalkboard Chalk, Assorted Colors, 12/Box
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Add to cart Chenille Craft® 5" Felt Republic Chalkboard Eraser, Assorted
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Add to cart Binney & Smith Crayola® Colored Drawing Chalk, Assorted Colors, 12/Pk
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Add to cart Alphacolor® Chalk Sticks, Assorted Colors, 8 Colors, 12/Pack
Add to cart Prang Hygieia Dustless Board Chalk Yellow [Pack Of 12] (12PK-31344)
Add to cart Sargent Art® Board Chalk, 3-1/4", White (SAR663012)